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Funeral Directing QI

Death Certificate, Veteran Funerals, SS and VA Forms

middle section of DC filled out by? (3) DC (chiropractic), DO (osteopathy), MD
three cases which are automatically ME/Coroner 1) death that occurs without medical attention for some period of time, 2) any reason to believe CoD was anything but natural, 3) death of member of religious society that doesn't believe in western medicine
example of religion that doesn't believe in western medicine christian scientists
coroners/MEs do NOT have jurisdiction over deaths on ______ property, examples. federal. post office, national park, foreign embassy, native american reservations
person who supplies information for DC informant
where do you file a completed DC local registrar
3 ways to determine jurisdiction of local registrar 1) place where person died, 2) place where person was found, 3) place where person was removed from moving conveyance
system where elected county official has duty to investigate deaths coroner system
6 deaths considered coroner's cases 1) suspicious, 2) sex-related, 3) drugs/alcohol, 4) not attended by physician for some time, 5) violent death, 6) died while undergoing surgery
coroner may call a formal hearing to determine manner of death in front of _____ jurors inquest, 6
is manner of death legal or medical legal
examples of manner of death homocide, suicide, misadventure, accident, natural, undetermined
true or false, a coroner can order an autopsy on any case in their jurisdiction at the county's expense true
true or false, a coroner must have the permission of the next of kin to order an autopsy false
form: coroner's permission to cremate human remains VR 204-1
system where a licensed pathologist investigates deaths medical examiner's system
4 requirements to be a ME 1) must be licensed physician, 2) certified in anatomical and forensic pathology, 3) elected/appointed by president of county board, 4) continues in office until resignation/removal from office
ME has right to investigate _________ plus 2 more all deaths that a coroner can, plus 1) traffic deaths/industrial hazards, 2) communicable/unexplained diseases
does an ME have to call an inquest? no, can conduct inquest at their option, can determine manner of death by themselves
true or false, an ME can dispose of any unclaimed body by burial/cremation/donation true
when filling out DC, must use ____ ink black
can you abbreviate male/female as "M" or "F" on the DC? no. write it out.
if the mother/father of deceased is not known, can you put N/A on the DC? no. put "unknown"
death prior to complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception irrespective of the length of the pregnancy fetal death
the period from the date of the beginning of the mother's last normal menses to the date of delivery uterogestation
3 circumstances in which you file a Fetal Cert. of Death 1) fetus is 20+ weeks of uterogestation, 2) fetus will be buried in an assigned gravespace, 3) fetus was a part of a multiple birth where at least one sibling was born alive
death of an active duty member, funeral expenses proper are also called primary care services
where are the funeral expenses proper usually incurred? at the place of death
embalming and prep, casketing, restoration, and shipping expenses are examples of? funeral expenses proper
death of active member, interment expenses are also called secondary care services
use of facilities and staff for viewing, death notice, prayer cards, livery are all examples of interment expenses
form: federal allowance for active duty members, submitted along with what document? DD 1375, submitted with SFGSS
one who served in the armed forces during one of the legally defined war periods and who was discharged any way except dishonorable veteran
peace-time veterans may receive veteran's benefits IF (4) 1) they died while a patient @ VA hospital or nursing home, 2) died while receiving compensation for service-related disability, 3) death is service-related, 4) those discharged b/c of disability incurred during service
two other groups of WWII workers eligible for vets benefits 1) US Merchant Marines, 2) Civil Service Construction Corps
form: reimbursement for veteran service VA 21-530
form: veteran's discharge papers DD 214
time limit for submitting VA 21-530 2 years from time of burial/cremation
veteran reimbursement will not exceed what dollar amount $300
how can a veteran get more money for burial above $300 if he/she died in a VA hospital/nursing home
form: application for veteran flag VA 21-2008
where can you get a flag for burial? post office
who is eligible for a burial flag? enlisted/drafted, peacetime who enlisted, any discharged disabled vet
5 things you CAN'T do with a burial flag 1) lower it into grave, 2) let it touch the ground, 3) cremate it w/body, 4) pin anything on it, 5) place anything on top of it
if using flag on open casket, must have how many ____ inch fold? stars on what side? 3, ten inch folds, stars on left side
order of receiving veteran flag at funeral (9): 1) spouse, 2) child of dec. (starting w/eldest), 3) father, 4) mother, 5) brother, 6) sister, 7) uncle/aunt, 8) nephew/niece, 9) grandparents
form: application for government burial marker VA 40-1330
do you need to apply for a government marker at a national cemetery? no
national cemeteries are run by the VA
Arlington cemetery is run by the Army
6 Eligible members for burial in a Nt'l Cemetery 1) active duty, 2) wartime/peacetime vet w/honorable discharge, 3) reserve/nt'l guard with service other than training, 4) spouse/widow(er) of eligible member, 5) minor child of eligible member, 6) adult unmarried child w/physical or mental disabilities
at a national cemetery, which "eligible" member MUST be buried in the same grave as the vet adult unmarried children with disabilities
can you pre-reserve grave spaces at a national cemetery? no
a paper expressing country's recognition of vet's service, signed by President Presidential Memorial Certificate
requirements for a burial at sea casket: made of _______, weighing at least ______ lbs. metal, 300lbs
how many straps around burial at sea casket? where are they tied? what are they made of? how wide of straps? at least 6. 2 around head, 2 around cap, 1 around length, 1 around diameter, made of nylon or metal. 3/4 of an inch wide
how many holes do you drill in a burial at sea casket? what diameter? where do you drill them? 20 holes, 2 in. in diameter, 8 on top of casket, 8 on bottom, 2 on each end on the side
what are the location stipulations for burial at sea? ____ miles off-shore, in how many feet of water? 3 miles offshore, 600 feet of water
who may authorize an autopsy? (2) 1) deceased him/herself before death, 2) next of kin w/right of disposition
how may the next of kin authorize autopsy? written form, (email, fax, telegram, telephone if witnessed by 2 people)
any person of sound mind, 18 years or older may give all or part of his body to scientific research, etc. uniform anatomical gift act
how can you donate your body? (2) 1) by will, 2) written document witnessed by two people
who, in order, can donate your body? (6) 1) spouse, 2) adult child, 3) either parent, 4) adult brother/sister, 5) legal guardian of dec., 6) anyone authorized to dipose
who can receive an anatomical donation? (6) 1) accredited medical school, 2) accredited dental school, 3) accredited college/university, 4) accredited hospital, 5) physician/surgeon licensed in any state, 6) individual who has need of transplant
4 ways in which anatomical donor can revoke donation 1) signed statement to the planned recipient, 2) oral statement in presence of 2 witnesses to donee, 3) statement made in articulo mortis, 4) signed card on the person's personal effects
time of death shall not be determined by physician who will benefit from anatomical donation, true or false? true
maximum social security payment $255
form: Social Security Lump Sum Death Benefit SSA-8
form: statement of death by FD SSA-721
application for SS lump sum death benefit must be filed within ____ years of death 2
a FH is in violation of the Civil Rights act if (3) 1) deny facilities/services because of race/religion/color/gender, 2) publish written communication which denies facilities/services because of those things, 3) refuse to employ because of those things
law enforced by US Dept of Labor, establishes minimum wage and equal pay for equal work Federal Wage an Hour Act
every employee is covered by the federal wage an hour act if FH grosses $_________ per year $362,500
law which states that if you extend credit to your customers, you must determine credit periods and finance rates Federal Truth in Lending Act
some burial insurance benefits are only in the form of ____ not, _____ money payment, not services selected
individuals who have a legal obligation to pay for funeral/burial of deceased recipient of public aid legally responsible persons
claim submitted to dept of human services by funeral home, crematory, or cemetery when the responsible person cannot pay vendor claim
claim submitted by non-responsible persons who contracted to pay the expenses of funeral to be personally reimbursed up to $1650 reimbursement claim
funeral procession regulations (8) 1) proc has RoW 2) all have lights & hazards 3) yield RoW for emergency vcl 4) only hearse stops @ SSigns 5) other cars can't cut in 6) don't impersonate a mourner 7) cars can pass hearse 8) hearse has amber light other have sticker/pennant/flag
arrangements made in advance of need and include provisions for payment pre-funded
arrangements made in advance of need that do not include provisions for payment pre-planned
contract may be terminated by the purchaser at any time prior to the death of the beneficiary w/the refund of funds of contract revocable
contract cannot be terminated before death irrevocable
contract which states that services and merch will be provided @ need for an amount not exceeding the amount of original contract (FH makes up the difference) guaranteed
contract where the FH agrees that the amount prepaid will be credited to the actual cost of goods and service when preneed goes to at-need non-guaranteed
are pre-funded contracts put into a savings account? no. trust fund. FD is trustee.
agency which investigates common carrier disasters national transportation safety board
agency which maintains worker safety OSHA
Created by: amyziolkowski
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