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word list:48


ulterior situtated beyond;unstated & often questionable
umbrage resentment;anger;sense of injury or insult
unassailable not subject to question;not open to attack
unassuaged unsatisfied
unassuming modest
uncanny strange;mysterious
unconscionable unscrupulous;excessive
uncouth outlandish;clumsy;boorish
unction act of anointing with oil
unctuous oily;bland;insincerely suave
underscore emphasize
unequivocal obvious;plain
unerringly infallible
unfaltering steadfast;unchanging;fixed
unfeigned real;genuine
unfettered freed from chains;liberated
unfledged immature
unfrock to strip a priest or minister of church authority
ungainly awkward;clumsy;unwieldy
unguent ointment
unimpeachable blameless
unintimidating unfrigtening
unkempt disheveled;uncared for inappearance
unmitigated unrelieved or immoderate;absolute
unobtrusive inconspicuous;not blatant
unprecedented unparalleled;novel
unprepossessing unattractive
unrequited not reciprocated
unseemly unbecoming;indecent;in poor taste
unsightly ugly
unsullied untarnished
untenable indefensible;not able to be maintained
unwarranted unjustified;groundless;undeserved
unwieldy awkward;cumbersome;unmanageable
unwitting not knowing;unintentional
unwonted unaccustomed
upbraid severly scold;reprimand
uproarious marked by commotion;extremely funny
upshot outcome
urbane suave;refine;elegant
urchin mischievous child
ursine bear-like;pertaining to the bear
usurp seize another power or rank
usury lending money at illegal rates of intrest
utopia ideal place;state or society
uxorious excessively devoted to one's wife
vacillate waver;fluctuate
vagary caprice;whim;fanciful
vagrant homeless wanderer
vainglorious boastful;excessively conceited
valor bravery
vanguard forerunners;advance forces
vantage position giving an advantage
vapid dull & unimaginative;insipid & flavorless
vassal in feudalism;one who held land of a superior lord
vaunted boasted;bragged;highly publicized
veer change in direction
vegetate live in a monotonous way
vehement forceful;intensely emotional;with marked vigor
Created by: physio_sambit
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