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word list:45


subliminal below the threshold
suborn persuade to act unlawfully
subpoena writ summoning a witness to appear
subservient behaving like a slave;servile;obsequious
subsistence existence;means of support
substantiate establish by evidence
subsume include;encompass
subterfuge pretense;evasion;pretend;deceptive
subtlety perceptiveness;delicacy;ingenuity
subversive tending to overthrow;destructive
succinct brief;terse;compact
succor aid;asist;comfort
succulent juicy;full of richness
suffragist advocate of voting rights(of women)
suffuse spread over
sully tarnish;soil
sultry sweltering
sumptuous lavish;rich
sunder separate;part
sundry various;several
superannuated retired or disqualified becoz of age
supercilious arrogant;condescending;patronising
supererogatory superfluous;more than needed or demanded
supernumerary person or thing in excess of what is necessary
supplant replace;usurp
supple flexible;pliant
suppliant ask humbly & earnestly;entreating;beeseching
supplicate petition humbly;pray to grant a favor
supposition hypothesis;surmise
surfeit satiate;stuff;indulge to excess in anything
surly rude;cross
surreptitious secret;furtive;sneaky;hidden
swarthy dark;dusky
swathe wrap around;bandage
swelter be oppressed by heat
swerve deviate;turn aside sharply
swill drink greedily
swindler cheat
sybarite lover of luxury
sycophant servile flatterer;bootlicker;yes man
syllogism logical formula consisting of a major premise,minor premise & a conclusion
sylvan pertaining to woods;rustic
tacit understood;not put to words
taciturn habitually silent;talking little
taint contaminate;cause to lose purity;modify with trace of something bad
talisman charm
talon claw of bird
tangible able to be touched
tanner person who turns animal hides into leather
tantalize tease;torture with disappointment
tantamount equivalent in effect or value
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