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word list: 44


somber gloomy;depressing
somnambulist sleepwalker
somnolent half asleep
sonorous resonant
sophist teacher of philosophy;quibbler;employer of falacious reasoning
sophistry seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning
sophomoric immature;half-baked
soporific sleep causing;marked by sleepiness
sordid filthy;base;vile
spangle small metalliv piece sewn to cloth for ornamental purpose
spasmodic periodical
spat squabble;minor dispute
spate sudden flood
spatula broad bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing purposes
specious seemingly reasonable but incorrect
spectral ghostly
sphinx-like enigmatic;mysterious
splice fasten together;unite
spoonerism accidental transposition of sounds in successive words
sporadic occuring irregularly
spruce neat & trim
spry vigorously active;nimble
spurious false;forged;counterfiet
spurn reject;scorn
squabble minor quarrel
squalor filth;dirty;degraded/neglected state
squander waste
squat stocky;short & thick
staccato played in an abript manner;marked by abrupt,sharp sound
staid sober;sedate
stalemate deadlock
stalwart strong;brawny;steadfast
stanch check the flow of blood
statute,statutory law enacted by legislature
steadfast loyal;unswerving
stealth slyness;secretiveness
steep soak;saturate
stellar pertaining to stars
stem check the flow
stem from arise from
stentorian extremely loud
stickler perfectionist;person who insists things should be exactly right
stifle suppress;extinguish;inhibit
stilted bombastic;stiffly pompous
stint be thrifty;set limits//supply;alloted amount;assigned portion of work
stipple paint or draw with dots
stipulate specify;express conditions
stock typical;standard;kept regularly in supply
stockade wooden enclosure or pen
stodgy stuffy;boringly conservative
stoic impasive;unmoved by joy or grief
stoke stir up a fire;feed plentifully
stolid dull;impassive
stratagem clever trick;deceptive scheme
strew spread randomly;scatter
stricture critical comments;severe criticism
strident loud & harsh;insistent
stringent rigid;binding
strut pompous walk//supporting bar
studied unspontaneous;deliberate;thoughtful
stultify cause to appear or become stupid & inconsistent.
stupefy make numb;stun;amaze
stygian gloomy;hellish;deathly
stymie present an obstacle,stump
suavity urbanity;polish
subaltern subordinate
subjective unreal;taking place within the mind
subjugate conquer;bring under control
sublimate refine;purify
sublime exaltede;noble n uplifting;utter
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