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spanish thing :)

It's a spanish thing

la pesadilla the nightmare
cabello hair
¡Qué sorpresa! What a surprise!
se despierta he/she wakes up
el perro the dog
la lengua the tongue
va a la casa goes to the house
quiere hablar he/she wants to talk
el chicle the gum
mastica he/she chews
durante tres horas during three hours
regressa he/she returns
el campo the field
(está) abierto/abierta (is) open
busca he/she looks for
la ventana the window
sopla he/she blows
se eleva he/she lifts
flota en el aire floats in the air
el ratoncito the mouse
hace does/makes
una burbuja a bubble
toma take/drink
tiene miedo he/she is afraid
entra he/she enters
se escapa he/she escapes
la fábrica the factory
la ciudad the city
nuevo/nueva new
el gato the cat
persigue he/she follows/chases
tiene hambre he/she is hungry
el cuervo the crow
se esconde he/she hides
detrás de behind
el cacto the cactus
sale he/she leaves
deja he/she leaves alone
el coyote the coyote
ve he/she sees
el pajaro the bird
quiere comer he/she wants to eat
agarra he/she grabs
le ofrece offers to him/her
tiene has
el suelo the floor/ground
(es) curioso/curiosa he/she (is) curious
pregunta the question
debajo de under
el sombrero the hat
responde he/she responds
levanta rises
el desierto the desert
(es) tonto(a) he/she (is) dumb
la roca/la piedra the rock
espera he/she waits
(es) inteligente he/she (is) smart
el papá the father
está enojado he/she is angry
la familia the family
el lobo the wolf
come he/she eats
llora he/she crys
está triste he/she is sad
la montaña the mountain
vive he/she lives
está feliz he/she is happy
viene he/she comes
está aburrido/aburrida he/she is bored
cuida he/she cares for
la oveja the sheep
corre he/she runs
el pastor the shepherd
grita he/she yells
otra vez over again
está furioso/furiosa he/she is angry
cuenta un chiste a joke
dice he/she says
se ríe he/she laughs
al día siguiente the next day
escucha he/she listens
la mañana the morning
las tijeras the scissors
corta he/she cuts
mira he/she looks
el pelo the hair
largo big
liso smooth; straight
rizado curly
Created by: eightsevenfive
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