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Patient Assessment.

advanced pt assessment

What type of breathing pattern is periodic in nature, with a gradual increase in depth and respiratory rate followed by a tapering of rate and depth with periods of apnea is? BH Cheyne-Stokes
Name 4 indications of increased work of breathing. BH 1. tripod position 2. use of accessory muscles 3. pursed lip breathing 4. retractions
An increase in tactile fremitus indicates what? BH an increase in density of the underlying tissue
What can digital clubbing indicate? KW cardio pulmonary disease
What are you looking for when you inspect and palpate the abdomen? KW evidence of distention and tenderness
The patient with heart disease who has an S3 and S4 is said to have a __________________. KW gallop rythm
Most accurate method of measuring temperature? AF rectal
What pressure is measured at the time the ventricles are contracting? AF systolic
What is a normal ventilatory pattern? AF 1:2
What is a barrel chest? AF the anterior/posterior diameter is greater than normal
What type of appearance would you have with a kyphotic spine? AF humpback
What is a lateral curvature of the spine? AF scoliosis
The presence of air beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissues is called? BH subcutaneous emphysema
What causes tracheal deviation toward the affected lung side? BH atelectasis fibrosis
What causes tracheal deviation away from the affected lung side? BH pleural effusion pneumothorax tension pneumothorax
Shortness of breath in the upright position is called? KW platypnea
Coughing up blood-streaked sputum is called _____________. KW hemoptysis
Vomiting blood is called _________________. KW hematemesis
What are the four steps in doing a physical exam on your patient? KW inspection palpation percussion asculation
Waht is the swelling of the lower extremities called? KW pedal edema
What is another name for a pigeon chest? AF pectus carinatum
What type of percussion sound would you hear in the presence of air trapping or air in a closed cavity? AF hyperresonance
What 4 things do you assess sputum for? AF color quantity viscosity smell
If your sputum is reddish brown, what does it indicate? AF blood in the sputum
If you cough up more than 300ml of blood streaked sputum in 24 hours, what does that indicate? AF massive hemoptysis
A flat percussion note is an indication of what? AF pleural effusion
Normal breath sounds heard in the lungs and are found in the peripheral lungs is called? BH vesicular breath sounds
This occurs when the two pleural layers rub together with more friction than normal? BH pleural rub
When a patient awakens only with difficulty and might be able to reply to a few answers is refferred to as _________________________. BH obtunded
An audible upper airway noise indicative of upper airway narrowing is called? BH stridor
What is another name for crackles? BH rales
Yellowish coloration of the skin, mucus membranes or conjunctiva of the eyes is called? BH jaundice
An elevated pulse rate over 100 bpm indicates? KW tachycardia
A significant decrease in pulse strength during spontanous inhalation is called? KW pulsus paradoux
When respiratory disease reduces arterial oxygen content, __________________ may be detected especially around the lips. KW cyanosis
To measure the SpO2, one should use a __________. KW pulse oximeter
What is the technique called when you ask the patient to say 99?KW vocal frmitus
Created by: conniec0005
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