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FH ecco3 chap2 voc

FH ecco3 chap 2 vocab p23

bevanda gassata soft drink [fizzy, carbonated]
chinotto citrus flavored soft drink
cibo food
consiglio advice
cucina cuisine; cooking
dieta diet
dolce vita good life; sweet life
eta age
mania obsession
moderazione moderation
pace peace
patito fanatic
posa pose
predica sermon; lecture
salute health
specialita special dish
taglia clothing size
tavolino coffee table
buffo funny, comical
carino cute
casalingo home-style
davvero truly
genuino natural, unprocessed
orrendo horrible
ridicolo ridiculous
sano healthy
sofisticato full of additives [food]
spensierato carefree
squisito delicious, exquisite
dimagrire to lose weight
fare impazzire to drive crazy
funzionare to work, to function
mostrare to show
presentare to introduce
regalare to give as a gift
sfogliare to page through [a book]
tenere molto a... to attach great importance to [a person, thing]
appena just; hardly
oggigiorno nowadays
di niente you're welcome
dunque now then
faccele vedere show them to us
neanche per sogno no way
non fate complimenti make yourself at home [don't flatter...]
piacere it's a pleasure
piantala stop it
piu sano di cosi non si puo you can't get healthier than this
quindi therefore
Created by: gdirosario