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Funeral Directing

Final Qtr 1

Who legally can sign a death certificate? an M.D., a D.C., a D.O. (medical dr, dr. of chiropractic, dr. of osteopathy)
When must a funeral director contact the ME/Coroner? When the deceased does not have a medical attendant or has not been to a doctor within a certain amount of time
Is it unlawful to remove a body without Coroner/ME permission if it's a Coroner's/ME case? Yes
Where does a Coroner/ME not have jurisdiction over a body? On Federal property ex: National Park, Post Offices, FBI property, Embassies
Who does the funeral director get the information from for the death certificate? The informant *They are put on the death cert as the informant
Where does the death cert get filed? With the local registrar
If there are multiple registrars, where does the death cert get filed? *In the district where the death occurred *Where the body is found (county/district, etc) *If death occurs on a moving conveyance, it is filed where the body is removed
Describe the Coroner *Are they elected? *Term length *Experience needed, etc... *Elected Official *Term: 4 year renewable term *No medical exp. needed
Name the types of death the Coroner investigates Sudden/violent, sex crimes, suspicious/obscure, if drugs/alcohol contributed, if there was no attending physician, death during surgery
What can Coroners conduct to determine the manner of death? An Inquest
How many jurors hear the testimony during an inquest? 6
The legal category of death Manner of Death
Can a Coroner order an autopsy by a physician within his jurisdiction who is licensed? Yes
Can a coroner order an autopsy even against a family's wishes? Yes
Coroners can issue subpoenas for documents, etc to help during their investigations True
Describe a Medical Examiner (ME) *Elected? *Term Length? *Experience Needed? *Not an elected position, they are appointed by Pres. of County Board *No set term; needs to resign, or be removed from office *Must be a licensed Dr. and a Forensic Path. Specialist
Do MEs have to conduct inquiries? No, only if they so choose
MEs investigate the same deaths as a Coroner, what other deaths can they investigate that a Coroner cannot? Chemical/Industrial Hazards, Communicable Diseases, Unexplained Diseases
The ME can dispose of any unclaimed body by burial, cremation, or donation at the county's expense True
What type of ink can be used to fill out at death cert? Can there be erasures or strike outs? Black Ink Only, NO Erasures, NO Strike outs
If a mother or father's name is not known, what can you put in the box? "Unavailable"
Is "Retired" a valid occupation to put on a death cert? No
Death prior to complete expulsion/extraction from its mother of a product of human conception irrespective of the length of the pregnancy Fetal Death (Stillborn)
Period from the date of the beginning of the mother's last normal menses to the date of delivery Uterogestation
If an infant is born alive but dies thereafter, do you fill out a fetal cert of death or a regular death cert? Regular death cert
What are the circumstances needed to fill out a fetal cert of death? *20+ weeks of uterogestation *If they are to be interred in a definite assigned grave site *Member of a multiple birth of which at least one member is born alive
Name the services considered the Funeral Services Proper that the military will pay for Services of funeral staff, embalming, RA, hairdressing, cosmetology, clothing, dressing & casketing, casket, shipping, certifieds, cremation expenses
Name the services considered the Interment Services Proper that the military will pay for Receiving remains from another FH, direct burial, facility staff, facility, family limo, single gravespace in a private cemetery, Opening/closing at cemetery, vault, niche, transportation services, thank yous/register book/folders or prayer cards
One who served in the Armed Forces during one of the legally defined war periods and who was released/discharged from such service under conditions other than dishonorable Veteran
In which instances can peace-time veterans receive benefits? *If they die as patients in a VA Medical Facility *While receiving compensation for a service connected disability *If their death is service related *Those discharged for disability
Form number for the Application for Funeral Burial Allowance VA21-530
What needs to be sent in with the App for Funeral Burial Allowance to receive benefits? *the Application *Itemized Bill *Certified Death Cert *Original/Certified DD214
When must the Application for Funeral Burial Allowance be sent in? Within 2 years of the burial or cremation date of the veteran
Name the form needed to receive a flag VA21-2008
What is the maximum reimbursement for the burial allowance? $300
If a veteran dies in a VA medical facility, the VA will compensate the cost of the transportation from the VA to the FH, FH to the cemetery, & shipping to another city if reasonable This is all true
How can a flag be used during a visitation? *As a pall over the casket *Draped over the foot end of the casket *In a triangular fold placed above the left shoulder of the vet
If you drape a flag over the foot end of the casket, how is it to be folded? In three 10 inch folds
If the flag is used as a pall over the casket, what can/cannot be done to the flag? Where are the stars positioned? *Stars are placed over the left shoulder of vet *It cannot be cremated, buried *Cannot touch the ground *Cannot pin or attach anything to it *Cannot place anything on top of it
What is the order of the family members who can receive the flag during the military honors? *Surviving Spouse *Eldest Living Child *Father of deceased *Mother of deceased *Brother of deceased *Sister of deceased *Uncle or Aunt of deceased *Nephews or Nieces *Grandparents *If no family, a close friend can accept
Name the form number of the Government Marker Application VA40-1330
Who is entitled to receive a government marker? Any veteran discharged under any conditions unless dishonorable
If the family buys a private marker, will they be reimbursed? No
Who runs the national cemeteries? The Bureau of Veterans Affairs
Who runs Arlington National Cemetery? The Army
**Know the requirements for burial in a National Cemetery *There are too many to list here*
Who can be interred in Arlington National Cemetery? *Members who die in active duty *Vets of more than 20+ years of active service (career men) *Vets discharged for service related disability *Holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross
Certificate that a veteran can receive that expresses the country's grateful recognition signed by the President Presidential Memorial Certificate
For burial at sea, what must the casket be constructed of? How many bands must the casket be secured with? How many holes must be drilled in the casket? *Metal *6 nylon or metal bands *20 holes, 2in. in diameter
FYI Slide: The 6 bands positions: 2 around the head end, 2 around the foot end, 1 around the handles, 1 around top to bottom *click flip for the 2o holes positions FYI Slide: The positions of the 2o drilled holes: *4 in the foot end, 4 in the head end in the top of casket *8 in the same positions on the bottom *2 at the foot end, 2 at the head end
How far off shore does the burial at sea take place? At no closer than 3 miles, 600 feet or deeper
Who can order a private autopsy? *Decedent can sign a form requesting one before death *NOK/Person with the right to disposition can ask for one with written consent
When 2 or more people have the right to disposition of the deceased, the permission from one of them can authorize a private autopsy True *BUT this can be null and void if the other person objects to the autopsy
Any individual of sound mind, 18 yrs or older, may give all or part of his/her body to scientific research, transplant/tissue recovery, or teaching by will, by written document witnessed by 2 people Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Who can give all or part of the deceased's body for anatomical gift, donation, etc? *Surviving Spouse *Adult Son or daughter *Either Parent *Adult Brother or Sister *Legal Guardian *Any person authorized or obligated to dispose of the remains
What are the ways permission can be revoked for a donation? *Signed stmnt to the donee *Oral stmnt in presence of 2 witnesses communicated to donee *Stmnt made in Articulo Mortis *Stmnt signed and found in deceased's personal effects or on his person *By surviving relative in writing
Time of death of the decedent will be determined by a physician who will not benefit from the death/donation and they may not take part in the removal or transplant True
Under the Social Security Lump Sum Death Benefit, what is the max amount that can be paid? $255
Who can receive the payment from the S.S. Lump Sum Death Benefit? *Surviving spouse living in the same household with deceased if the spouse is entitled to it during the month of death *If no spouse, given to surviving minor children entitled to benefits on worker's record for month of death
Name the application number for the lump sum death benefit SSA-8
Name the number of the Statement of Death by Funeral Director form filled out by the funeral home SSA-721
How could a funeral director violate the Civil Rights Act? If they deny full, equal enjoyment of his facility; if they directly/indirectly publish any written communication that denies facilities or services because of race, religion, color, gender, or national ancestry
The Federal Wage & Hour Act establishes.... *Minimum Wage *Equal pay for equal work *Max. hours per shift/week *Overtime Pay *Child Labor Standard & Limitations
Every employee is covered by the Federal Wage & Hour Act if the funeral home grosses $362,000 per year True
What does the Federal Truth & Lending Act control? *Controls the credit extended for personal, family, housing, etc.. *Regulates advertising for credit
Has the legal obligation to pay for the decedent's funeral and burial if they are on public aid Responsible
Who would be considered responsible? Surviving Spouse, Parents of deceased children under 21 **If they are able to pay
Claim submitted by a funeral home or cemetery; submitted when the responsible person cannot pay for the funeral/burial of the deceased Vendor Claim
Claim submitted by non-responsible persons who agree to pay for deceased Reimbursement Claim
Name the form number of the Vendor Claim form IL form 444-0029
Name the form number of the Reimbursement Claim Form IL form 444-0094
What deaths do the NTSB have jurisdiction over? Plane, Train Disasters
The funeral procession has the right of way but the lead car must yield to traffic signs and control devices True
What other vehicles would have the right of way before a funeral procession? Emergency vehicles, police with lights
Other drivers cannot cut into a funeral procession unless directed to do so by a traffic cop or an emergency vehicle True
Arrangements made in advance of need and include provisions for payment/pre-funding Pre-Funded
Arrangements made in advance of need but do not have provisions for pre-payment Pre-Planned
What are the pros of pre-arranging services? *There is more time to make decisions *The family will know what their loved one wants, there is no guessing *NOK are relieved of the financial burden
May be terminated by the purchaser at any time prior to death of the beneficiary with refund of the funds of the contract as prescribed by state law Revocable Contract
Cannot be terminated or canceled prior to death of the beneficiary Irrevocable Contract
The funeral home guarantees the services and merchandise will be provided at the time of need for an amount not exceeding the original amount of the contract or accruals Guaranteed Contract
Funeral home only agrees that the amount prepaid + interest will be credited towards the cost at the time of need at the current prices Non-guaranteed
If funds are put into a trust fund by the funeral director, the funeral director is the trustee True
What does OSHA do? Ensures safety in the work place
Created by: sbarton
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