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Adrenergic Agonists

DrugActionReceptorPharmacologic Use
Epinephrine Direct alpha and beta catecholamine rapid relief of allergic rxn, bronchodilator, prolong action of local anaesthetics, restoring cardiac rhythm, vasopressor, topical hemostatic agent, lower IOC in glaucoma
Norepinephrine Direct alpha and beta catecholamines increase PVR in shock, hypotension
Amphetamine Indirect alpha and beta obesity, narcolepsy, ADHD
dextroamphetamine indirect alpha and beta obesity, narcolepsy, ADHD
methylphenidate indirect alpha and beta narcolepsy, ADHD
cocaine indirect alpha and beta topical hemostatic and local anasthetic
ephedrine mixed alpha and beta narcolepsy, obesity
isoproterenol direct beta selective catecholamine emergency heart block, emergency bradycardia, or pacemaker in torsades de pointes
dobutamine direct beta 1 selective catecholamine acute cardiac failure, CHF, post op or post MI
dopamine mixed beta 1 selective, D1 receptor renal, alpha 1 selective (high) different types of shock, profound hypotension, CHF, incr urine output (dopa vs beta effect)
metaproterenol direct beta 2 selective bronchodilator used in asthma
terbutaline direct beta 2 selective bronchodilater and uterine relaxation
ritodrine direct beta 2 selective uterine relaxation
albuterol direct beta 2 selective bronchodilator used in asthma
phenylephrine direct alpha 1 selective mydriatic used to faciliate retina exam, cariothoracic surgery to increase PVR with minimal/controllable cardiac effects, nasal decongestant
methoxamine direct alpha 1 selective hypotension, PSVT (stimulates vagal effect)
metaraminol mixed alpha 1 selective hypotension, PSVT (stimulate vagal effect)
pseudoephedrine direct alpha 1 selective nasal decongestant
clonidine direct alpha 2 selective antihypertensive agent, withdrawl syndromes, analgesic
apraclonidine direct alpha 2 selective opthalmic drops in glaucoma
brimonidine direct alpha 2 selective opthalmic drops used in gluacoma
guanfacine direct alpha 2 selective antihypertensive
guanabenz direct alpha 2 selective antihypertensive
alpha-methyl-NE (methyldopa) direct alpha 2 selective antihypertensive
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