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med terms & charting

medical terminology, charting, & abbreviations

define tonsillitis (sa) inflammation of tonsils
the term hypo- means.. (sa) under, below average
-o/stomy means.. (sa) opening
what does DNR stand for? (sa) do not resuscitate
what is PO? (sa) by mouth
If the doctor prescribes a medicine BID, how often should it be taken? (sa) twice a day
what does HS stand for? (sa) at bedtime
Where does the patient's chief complaint go when charting? (sa) under history and physical
True or False.... if you make an error when charting, you must make a single line through it (sa) true
What is the most common method for measuring temperature? (sa) oral
Kussmaul's breathing, often seen in diabetic ketoacidosis, has what type of breathing pattern? (sa) increase rate and depth
What are normal lung sounds? (sa) vesicular
define -o/tomy (am) incision
define -ectomy (am) excision, removal
define hyper- (am) excessive, above average
What is a specialist who studies cells? (am) cyto/logist
pertaining to the middle of the back (am) poster/o/meadial
fartherst from the point of attachment (am) distal
semi-sitting position with the head of bed elevated (am) fowler's
enlargement of the internal organs (am) visecer/o/megaly
pertaining to the groin (am) inguin/al
instrument used to view or examine (am) -o/scope
instrument used for measuring (am) -o/meter
surgical repair (am) -o/plasty
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