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word list:43


sequester isolate
sere parched;dry
serendipity discovery by chance
sever cut
sextant navigation tool used to determine ship's latitude & longitude
shackle chain;fetter
sham pretend
shambles wreck
shard fragment;generally of pottery
shaving very thin piece,usually of wood
sheaf bundle of stalks of grain;any bundle of things tied together
sheathe place into a case
sherbet flavored dessert ice
shimmer glimmer intermittently
shirk avoid responsibility,work etc;malinger
shoddy sham;not genuine;inferior
shrew scolding woman
shun keep away from
shunt divert
shyster lawyer using questionable methods
sibylline prophetic;oracular
sideral relating to stars
simper smirk;smile affectedly
simplistic oversimplfied
simulate feign;imitate
sinecure well paid position with little responsibility
sinewy tough;strong & firm
singular unique;extraordinary;odd
sinuous winding;bending in & out;not morally honest
skeptic doubter
skiff small,light sailboat or rowboat
skimp live very economically
skinflint stingy;miser
skirmish small fight
skittish lively;moving quickly & lightly
skulduggery dishonest behavior
skulk move furtively & secretly
slacken loosen up
slake quench;sate
slander defmation;utterence of false & malacious statements
slapdash haphazard;careless;sloppy
sleazy flimsy;unsubstantial
sleeper somthing which with time becomes more valuable
sleight dexterity
slew large quantity or number
slight insult to one's dignity;snub
slipshod untidy;shabby
slther slip;slide
slothful lazy
slough cast off
slovenly untidy;careles in work habits
sluggard lazy person
sluice artificial channel for directing or controlling the flow of water
slur slander/mumble speech
smattering slight knowledge
smirk conceited smile
smolder burn without flame
snicker half-stifled laugh
snivel run at the nose;snuffle;to complain or whine tearfully
soberity moderation;seriousness
sodden soaked;dull,as if from drink
sojourn temporary stay
solecism construction that is flagrantly incorrect grammatically
solemnity seriousness;gravity
solicit request earnestly;seek
solitious worried;concerned
soliloquy talking to oneself
solvent able to py all debts/substance that dissolves another
Created by: physio_sambit
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