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Aerosol therapy:

Aerosol therapy: Hazards, Indications, Humidity

Rehydration of retained secreton can cause what hazard? sd Mucus pluging
Not changing out the water in the reservoir of a humidifing divce every 24 hours will cause this hazord...sd cross contamination
A patient reacts to aerosol therapy by coughing and having trouble catching his breath. What is going on in this patient's lungs? sd Brochospasms
What hazord can develop as water evaporates from an aerosol therapy delevery system? sd drug reconscentration
True, False: Humidification of medical gas is needed when the flow is greater than 4L/min. sd True
True, False: humidification is indicated if the upper airway is by passed. sd True
what are two consequences of humidity deficity? sd Dried secretions and Atelectiasis
A possible cause of humidity deficity that aerosol therapy can correct is? sd a by passed airway
Name for a mesured amount of humidity that does NOT change with temprature? sd Absolute Humidity
what is the formula for relitve humidity? sd (Absolute Humidity/capcity)*100
what is the formula for humidity deficity? sd Body Humidity - Absolute Humidity
What is the potential humidity at body temprature (37*C)? sd 44 mg/L or 47 mmHg
Refers to molecular water in a gas. JC Humidity
What is the humidity of air when it reaches the carina? JC 100%
What is another name for a HME? JC Artificial Nose
A cause of humidity deficit. JC Mouth breathing
What is an aerosol? JC suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gas
A hazard of aerosol therapy. JC bronchospasm
Which uses a baffle: Atomizer or Nebulizer? JC Nebulizer
What has the smallest particle size? JC Ultrasonic Nebulizer
What uses piezoelectric crystals? JC Ultrasonic nebulizer
What is used to deliver pentamadine? JC Respiragard
Penetration JC Maximum depth that suspended particles can be carried in the tracheobronchial tree
What heats and humidifies inspired air? JC Turbinates
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