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Massage review


Contagonist to Sternoclerdomastoid Splenius Capitus
Impulse - conducting cells that possess properties of excitability and conductibility Neurons
Active Transport system that produces and maintains resting potentials of neural membranes Sodium-potassium pump
A network of intersecting nerves in the PNS Plexus
A cluster of nerve cell bodies located in the PNS, typically next to the spinal cord. Ganglion
Division of the ANS involved with the relaxation response; also known as craniosacral outflow Parasympathetic
Junction between neurons where transmission of nerve impulses takes place. Synapse
Clear fluid circulating around the brain and spinal cord. Cerebrospinal
Connective tissue membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord Meninges
Receptors for detecting pain Norciceptors
Part of the brainstem containing respirator, cardiac and vasomotor centers Medulla Oblongata
Gaps located at intervals along a myelinated axon Nodes of Ranvier
Nerve cell classified as connective tissue that supports, nourishes, protects, insulates, and organizes neurons Neuroglia
Cell extension that transmits impulses away from the cell body Axon
Stretch receptors activated by both tension and excessive stretch, responding by inhibiting motor neurons Golgi Tendon Organs
Contains cranial and spinal nerves Peripheral Nervous System
Group of skeletal muscles innervated by a single spinal segment Nerve
Group of skeletal muscles innervated by a single spinal segment Myotomes
Extensions of a nerve cell that receives and transmits stimuli toward the cell body Dendrite
Chemical messengers involved in nerve impulse transmission Neurotransmitters
Hormones that act on ovaries and testes Leutinizing and follicle stimulating hormone
Female sex cells that carry genetic info from the woman who produces them Oocyte
Cells that secrete testosterone Intestitial cells of Leyclig
Physiologically Insignificant Advernal Estrogens
Increase blood glucose levels Glucagon
Increases calcium storage, stimulates osteoclasts, increases blood calcium levels Parathyroid hormone
Canal that extends from the cervix to the outside of the body Vagina
Produce androgens in testes Interstitial cells of Leydig
1st phase or day one of the reproductive cycle Menstration
Part of the uterus that protrudes into vagina Cervix
Outer part of adrenal gland, produces aldosteron, cortison, adrenal androgens and estrogens Adrenal Cortex
Prepares endometirum for pregnancy and helps maintain after implantation Progesterone
Affects carb, protein, fat, metabolism in large quantities, produces inflmmatory response Cortisol
Stimulates thyroid gland to produce and secrete its hormones Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH)
The convoluted and tightly coiled duct that houses sperm during final maturation Epididymis
Structure left behind by the released ovum Corpus Luteum
Protusion of eyes, fatigue increased metabolic rate, loss of appetite Graves' Disease
All hormonal secretions are regulated by one of these three systems Negative feedback system, hormonal control system, neural control system
Opposite of diabetes, excessive loss in blood glucose levels Hypoglycemia
Maintains male sex characteristics Adrenal Androgen
Decreases calcium storage in bones, stimulates osteoblasts, increases decreases calcium reabsorpotion, blood caclium levels Calcitonin
Englarged Thyroid Gland Goiter
Enhances and prolongs effects of sympathetic Epinephrine and Norepinephrine
Low iodine diet countries, goiters, congenital Cretinism
Contains uretha in men Penis
Hormone regulates circardian rhythms Melatonin
Secreted by posterior pituitary promotes water retention Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
Houses the oocytes Ovaries
Metabolic disorder, hyperadrenalism, fluid in face, neck, etc, bruishing Cushings Disease
This gland contains cells that produces secretions that transport through ducts Exocrine Gland
Overproudction of parathyroid hormone, increased absorption of calcium Hyperparathyroidism
Overproduction of growth hormone in children Hyperpituitarism
Orltypoadrenalism, auto-immune disease is cause, bronzing, loss appetite, anxiety, emotional disturbance Addison's Disease
What turns genes on and off to alter cell activity Steroid Hormones
Softens connective tissue of pelvic ligaments for fetal delivery Relaxin
In women it stimulates estrogen production and development of ovarian follicle in ovaries. In men it stimulates sperm production in testes Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Decrease blood glucose levels Insulin
Specialized cells in pancreas Islets of Langerhans
Day 15 to menstruation in the reproductive cycle Postovulatory Phase
Passageway for semen and urine in men Uretha
Male primary reproductive organs and site of spermatogenesis Testes
Think, milky, fluid that is a mix of sperm and seminal fluid Semen
Primary reproductive organs Gonads
Regulates endocrine activity of adrenal cortex, especially cortical hormones. Adrenal gland Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
Male sex cells that carry genetic information from the man who produces them Spermatozoa
Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, tremors, increased respiration rate Hyperthyroidism
Direction of info flow in nurons Dendrite, cell body, axon
How many divisions does the brain have? 4
Compact bone is found which part of the bone Diaphysis
Give an example of a synarthrosis joint Sutures of the Skull
A defining characteristic of all epithelial tissue Avascular
Visceral Muscle tissue is located where Walls of the heart
Difficuluty with speech production Aphasia
Glutens maximus actions Hips Extensor
O: ischial tuberosity, inferior public, ramus, ischial ramus I: linea aspera A: Adducts hip Adductor Magnus
chronic inflammatory of sebaceous glands caused by bacteria Acrve Vulgaris
Where are the centers that control hunger and thirst? Hypothalamus
O: transverse process C1-C4 I: medial border of scapula (superior angle to root of spine) A: elevates scapula downwardly rotates scapula and laterally flexes the neck Levator Scapula
O: Coracoid process I: Medial humeral Shaft A: Flexes and adducts shoulder Coracobrachialis
O: spinous process T7-L5 and ribs 9-12; posterior sacrum I: intertubercular grove of humerous A: Extends shoulder, medially rotates shoulder; adducts shoulder Latissimus Dorsi
O: Inferior 1/3rd of lateral border of scapula I: Interbecular groove of humerus A extends/medially rotates/adducts shoulder Teres Major
O: Ribs 1-9 I: Anterior medial border of scapula A: Protracts scapula; upwardly rotates capula and depresses scapula Serratus Anterior
Frozen shoulder caused by this O: Subscapular fossa I: Lesser tubercle A: Medially rotates shoulder Subscapularis
O Distal anterior humeral shaft I: ulnar tuberosity, coronoid process of ulna A: Flexes elbow Brachialis
O: Occipital Protoberance, Superior Nuchal lines; spinous process of C7=T12 I: lateral 1/3 of clavical, acromion process and scapular spine A Flexes neck and rotates head Trapezius
Origin: Ribs 3-5 I: coracoid process of scapula A: depresses/protracts/downwardly rotates scapula Pectoralis Minor
O: Spinous process C7-T1 minor I: Medial border of scapula (root of spine to inferior angle) A: retracts scapula and downwardly rotates scapula Rhomboids
Subdivision of the PNS that is involuntary and supplies smooth muscles, heart muscle, skin, special senses, some proprioceptors, organs and glands Autonomic Nervous System
Responsible for the body's alarm reaction; also known as thoracolumbar outflow Sympathetic Division
Fatty insulation substances around some axons to assist impulse conduction Myelin
Area of skin that specific sensory nerve root serves Dermatone
Contains the brian, spinal cord, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), meninges Central Nervous System
Teres Major actions Medially rotates, adducts, extends shoulder
Which adductor has an insertion at hte adductor tubercle of the femur Adductor Magnus
Fundamentall functional unit of compact bone Osteon
Safe treatment plan for client with phlebitis Proceed with massage, avoid affected area
Seizure lasting 10-30 seconds cloudy consciousness Petite Mal
What is it called when the action potential is a myelinated axon seems to leap across the myelin sheaths? Saltatory Conduction
From which bony marking do the flexors of the wrist originate Medial epicondyle
How does friction reduce scar tissue Reduce Random Collagen Attachment
Technique should NOT be used on a muscle spasm Friction
What is true about endochondral ossification? Bone replaces Cartilage
where do you find a nail bed? Under the nail body
During pregnancy, where is estrogen and progesterone produced? Placenta
Client with history of kidney stones, no current signs or symptoms Avoid vigorous movement around kidneys
What contraindication exist for yeast infection None
T/F the cisterna chyli receives lymph from the subclavian vein? False
Acute tenosynovitis Contra or Indiciated? Contraindicated
Most likely cause of edema in upper extremities? Lymphatic blockages in axilla
What should a LMT do if a client presents high blood pressure? Refer the client to a physician
Pectoral girdle is formed by which two pairs of bones Clavical and scapula
O: Fibular head, lateral proximal half of fibular head I: Metatarsal I, cuneiform I (plantar surface) A: Plantarflexion and eversion Fibularis longus
O: Ischial tuberosity - "most medial" I: medial condyle of the tibia (Posterior surface) A: Extend hip and flex knee Semimembranousus
O: Infraspinatus fossa I: greater tubercle of humerus A: Outwardly rotates; laterally rotates shoulder; antagonist to lats and teres major Infraspinatus
Whta is the deepest layer of lateral abdominal muscle External oblique
Average life span of RBC 105-120 days
Upward rotation of scapula, what muscle is synergist Upper and lower fibers of trapezius
Liver found in which abdominal quadrant? Upper right
What bests describes the dermis layer of the skin? It is elastic
What muscle both supinates and pronates? Brachioradialis
Improper diet and dehydration can lead to formation of abnormal deposits in the urinary tract Kidney stones
Mechanical effect of massage? Stretch superficial muscles
Which muscl eis not an adductor? Teres Minor, Biceps Brachii Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Major Bicepts Brachii
What do you do if rescue breathing does not make chest rise? Continue CPR by giving 1 full breath / 5 seconds
Brian port regulates temperature Hypothalamus
Parathyroid hormone effect on blood calcium levels Stimulate osteoclasts Break down bone Blood calcium level rises
The use of pressurized steam, extreme temperature, irradiation are examples of... Sterilization
Latissimus Doris action Extend, adduct and medially rotate the shoulder
Which technique should not be used for cramps? Friction
General term for sense receptors found in skin Cutaneous sense organs
What is most common protein in blood plasma Albumin
T or F With joint arthritis, a paraffin bath is inclinated False
When do you use a schedule SE form? year end tax return
Which proproceptor? Length changes in length Muscle Spindles
Which part of trapezius elevates the scapula Upper fibers
Which stroke most effective in assisting venous and lymphatic return Effleurage
Which hip extensor does not insert on the greater trochanter? Gluetus Maximus
O: AIIS, external ilium just superior to acetabulum I: Tibial tuberosity A: Extend knee and flex hib N: superficial Rectus Femoris
O: Anterior superior iliac spine I: medial proximal tibial shaft A: Flexes the hip, flexes the knee Sartorius
Action of tibialis posterior? Inversion plantar flexion
In acse of venostasis with no obstruction, how should masssage be peformed Proximal to the area
O: laterla condyle of femur I: Posterior priximal tibial shaft A: Flexes knee Popliteus
What nerves past through the wrist? Radial, ulnar, median
Origina of the tensor fascia lata Near the ASIS
Connective tissue that covers the fascile of a nerve? Perineurim
Which modality lowers systemic metabolic rate Meditation
O: linea aspera (medial lip) I: tibial tuberosity A: Extend knee Vastus Medialis
What movement passively stretches a muscle Petrissage, tapotement, vibration and effleurage
O: Lateral epicondyle of humerous' I: olecranon process and superior 1/8th of shaft A: helps extend elbow Acroneus
O: Supraglenodi tubercle coracoid process I: radial tuberosity (bicipital tuberoisity) A: Flexes elbow: supinates forearm Biceps Brachii
O: Superior 2/3rds of lateral border of scapula I: greater tubercle A: adducts shoulder; laterally rotates shoulder: synergist with infraspinatus Teres Minor
O: Lateral 1/3rd of clavicle, acromion process and scapular spine I: deltoid tuberosity A: flexes shoulder abducts shoulder, extends shoulder, laterally and medially shoulder Deltoid
O: Infraglenoid tubercle - 3 orgins I: olecranon process A: extends elbow and shoulder Triceps
O: supraspinatus fossa I: greater tubercle A: adducts shoulder Surpraspinatus
O: medial half of clavicle and edge of sternal body ribs 1-7 I: lateral region of intertubercular groove A: abducts, flexes extends, medially rotate shoulder Pectoralis Major
Increases skin pigmentation by stimulating distribution of melanin granutes Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH)
Process uniting male and female sex cells to produce offspring Sexual reproduction
Reproductive cycle phase in which the uterine lining becomes thick and vascular in anticipation of a fertilized ovum Prevulatory Phase
Cycle marked by changes in the endometrial lining of the uterus Reproductive cycle
Release of mature oocyte Ovulation
Contorl chemical reactions to alter cell metabolism Peptide hormones
Stimulates protien synthesis for muscle and bone growth and matintenance; plays a role in metabolism. Tissue growth Growth Hormone (Somatropin (GH/STH)
O: Superior posterior 1/3rd of fibula shaft, soleal line of tibia I: calcaneus via the Achilles tendown A: Plantar Flexion Soleus
What does a strain involve Muscle tendon
When is it always a contraindication for massage client says no
How many weeks needed to receover from surgery, so can get massage 10 days - 2 weeks
Which function of the pancreas best describes the secretion of pancreatic juices (digestive enzymes) Exocrine
Why is it important to maintain SOAP for each client session To monitor client progress
Which join is stabilized by the 4 rotator cuff muscles Glenohumeral Joint
Describe nonspecific and specific resistance Nonspecific - innatte Specific - acquired (immunity)
Stimulates uterine contractions and milk expression from mammary glands Oxytocin (OT)
Internal Secretions that function as chemical messengers Hormones
Pouch that contains the testes Scrotum
Increases rate of metabolism like. T3 T4 - Thryoxine
This gland secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream or neighboring cells (ductless) Endocrine Gland
Cessation of ovarian hormone function and menstruation in the female human Menopause
Male and female sex cells Gametes
Hollow internal organ in which the fertilized ovum implants, in which the fetus develops and from which menus flows Uterus
O: proximal half of the lateral shaft of tibia, interosseous membrane I: metatarsal, cuneiform (plantar surface) A: Dorsiflexion and inversion Tibialis Anterior
Caused by overproduction of growth hormone Acromegaly
O: Illian fossa, anterior inferior iliac spine I: lesser trochanter A; Flex hip Iliacus
A sudoriferous gland is what type of gland Exocrine
What is the insertion of the iliopsoas? Lesser Trochanter
Founder of Polarity Randolf Stone
Crutch walking muscle Latissimus Dorsi
Where do you find papillary muscle? Heart
What muscle group attaches to ischial tuberoisty Hamstrings
Muscles involved with TMJ dysfunction Masseter, pterygoids, temporalis
Synonym for Epistaxis Nosebleed
Benefits of Peyer's Patches and Mucosal Associated Lymphatic Tissue Provide digestive and respiratory tracts with protection against constant exposure and attack from foreign matter
What does vibration technique create? Soothing effect on nervous system
Synonym for parasympathetic nervous system Craniosacral
After exercise, what technique should not be used because it can activate muscle spindles and cause cramping Percussion
T or F Gate theory explains how massage can help decrease client's pain True
What isn't a symptom of fibromyalgia Depression, IBS, Insomnia, Inflammation Inflammation
O: antior iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine I: IT Band A: Abducts hip Tensor fascia lata
O: Inferior pubic ramus I: Linea aspera A: Adducts hip Adductor Brevis
Antagonist to rhomboids Serratus Anterior
O: Ischia "Most lateral" tuberoisyt, linea aspera (lower lateral lip) I: fibular head A: Extend hip and flex knee Biceps femoris
O: superior public ramus I: Linea aspera A: Abbucts hip Pectineus
Where does the lymph system return fluid to the cardiovascular system? Subclavian/jugular venous junction
Nerve involved in carpal tunnel Median
Cell necrosis due to local ischemia caused from prolonged pressure decubitus ulcers (bed sores)
which muscle plantar flexes and everts the foot Peroneus longus (fibularis)
O: lateral distal shaft of fibula I: metatarsal V A: Plantar flexion and eversion Fibularis brevis
Techniqu known as milking the muscle Petrissage
What muscle supinates the forearm Biceps brachii
Endangerment site on posterior knee common Peroneal Nerve
Nerve affected by carpal tunnel Median
Body Balace and voluntary muscle movement controlled by ... Cerebellum
Contraction of which muscle cause knee to bend Biceps femoris
What muscle needs to be strengthened to reduce an exaggerated antirior pelvic tilt? Rectus Abdominis
What type of stretching is no longer recommended in sports or clinical settings Ballistic
What massage lubricant base should be avoided? Mineral based
What condition? dilated veins, valves become incompetant Varicose Veins
O: Lateral epidcondyle of femur I: calcaneus via achilles tendon A: Plantar flexion and flexes knee Plantaris
Weakness in blood vessel wall Aneurysm
Stimulates kidneys to conserve sodium which triggers ADH - results in water retention Aldostreone
These alter smooth muscle contractions Eicosanoids
What muscle is responsible for protraction of the scapula? Serratus Anterior
Bell Palsy is paralysis of which cranial nerve VII
Which blood vessel has least pressure Veins
How is ulna kneading in abdominal massage done? Clockwise
Effect of Pyrogen secretion? Pyrogens are a fever producing substance so body temp increases
hair structure responsible for hair growth Hair papilla
What is interstitial fluid? Fluid between cells
1st to observe craniosacral mechanism William Sutherland
what part of sternum do most ribs attach? Sternal Body
Testing for turgor, clients skin leaves test after being pinched, client is ... Dehydrated
O: Ischial tuberosity "most superficial" I: medial proximal tibia shaft A: Extend hip and flex knee Semitendinosus
How often do you pay self employment taxes? Quarterly
What is cytosol? Liquid portion of cytoplasm
O: Anterior pubic body I: linea aspera A: Abbucts hip Adductor longus
T or F? Percussion to muscle belly can help an acute cramp False
85% of lymph fluid from breast drains into Axillary lymph Duct
3 Muscles that abduct Deltoid, sartorius and gluteus medius
Stimulates milk production in mammary glands, acts on breast glandular tissue Prolactin (PRL)
Increases rate of metabolism / from thyroid T3- triiodothyronine
The neurotransmitter of hormones Biogenic amines
which muscles assist elbow flexion Brachioradialis, Brachialis, Ponator Teres
General effects of the cold Reduction of spasm and spasticity
What group of muscles is responsible for fexion of the shoulder Coracobrachialis, pectoralis major, anterior deltoid
Muscle dorsiflexes and eversion Peroneus tertius
Middle part of adrenal gland, neurohormones Adrenal Medulla
Firm, chestnut-sized gland that produces a secretion to liquify coagulated semen Prostate
In women it triggers obulation and development of corpus luteum on ovaries. In men it stimulates production of testerone in testes Luteinizing hormone (LH)
Femal sex characteristics triggers prep of femal organs for fertilization and implantation occurs Estrogen
This sytem tells the gland to secrete less hormone, when the amount of a hormone is too high Negative feedback system
What characterizes cell mediated immunity? Specialized sensitized T lymphocytes attach to antigens to destroy them
Synonym for cycstitis Bladder Infection
Muscle initiates walking Iliopsoas
Fibrous Ankylosis use this technique Deep friction
When do you find venous blood Pulmonary artery
A butterfly rash across the nose and cheeks is often a sign of what? Systemic lupus erythematosus
Founder of myofascial release Anabolism
At rest, what organ generates the most heat? Liver
When is a Russian bath contraindicated Rheumatoid arthritis
What happens during the initial phase of acute inflammation of fibrous tissue? Vasodilation
Best technique for after exercise Effleurage and petrissage
Best treatment for traumatic periostitis Refer to doctor to rule out acute external compartment syndrome
Define the ovaries Hollow
What is systolic pressure Max pressure when ventricles contract
3 Functions of lymphs nodes Phagoctosis of pathogens, filter lymph, direct attack of cancer cells
What develops from mesoderm germ layer Most muscles
How are the blister like skin lesions of herpes zoster distributed over the body? Following the course of hte peripheral nerves
Tissue that provides the binding of ligament to bone Periosteum
Describe the structure of the plasma membrane of a cell? Two lipid layers arranged tail to tail in which protein molecules float
Describe diabetes mellitus Blood glucose too high; leading to excretion of glucose in urine
3 Functions of synovial fluid Remove metabolic waste, supply nutrients, reduce friction
All of these cells are present at birth Muscle cells
How should you massage scalenes? Downward and away from spine
O: External ilium between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines, "walking muscle" I: greater trochanter A: Extend Hip Gluteus Medius
What is Dr. Johan Mezger knwon for? Bringing massage to the attention of the scientific community
What is cytoplasm composed of? Water, proteins carbs and lipids
Function of spongy bone Shock absorber
How much blood does spleen normally have? 1 pint
Which endocrine gland is regulated by ACTH - acorticotrophine Adrenal Cortex
What valve is located between left atria and ventricle? Bicuspid
Deepest wrapping of connective tissue around a muscle Endomysium
What type of cell has no nucleus, like the erythrocyte Prokaryote
Where do you find superficial fascia Just below the skin
T or F Jaundice is a contraindication for massage True
Modality focuses on integrating body and mind through awareness of body during movement patterns Feldenkrais Method
Juicy, Oxygen rich substance in connective tissues Fibrolast
Where do you find chondrocytes Cartilage
Part of cell metabolizes lipids as well as detox of variety of harmful substances Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Where does tissue have branching cells connected by intercalated discs Heart Muscle
T or F? Killing bacteria in colon prevents essential vitamin production True
Why does ice reduce pain Decreased Sensory Input
Correct order of skin layers deep to superficial Superficial fascia, dermis, epidermis
Muscle tissue % of total body weight 20% - 25%
What is the usual location for inflammation and pain when tennis elbow At or distal to the tendon of origin of wrist extensors
Why should deep massage be avoided in the anticubital fossa? Medial Nerve
O: Anterior sacrum I: greater trochanter A: Laterally rotate hip Piriformis
How long should LMT maintain client records after cessation of treatment? 4 years
Emotional reaction of therapist that reflects therapist's inner needs and conflicts Countertransference
T or F? Massage is indicated - post fracture care, torticollis, amputation stumps Indicated True
Which muscle rotates humerus medially Pec Major
94 -97 degree Farenheit water is considered Neutral
Muscles of the rotator cuff Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Subscapularis
Pressure near the insertion of the biceps femoris may endanger ... Common Peroneal Nerve
The Sternum articulates with how many ribs Seven
Synonym for Aerolar Tissue Loose Connective Tissue
3 hormones pancreas secretes Amyloase, insulin glucagon
What muscle(s) stabilizes scapula during arm movement Serratus Anterior
Branch of Biology, studies the function Physiology
Neuron conducts impulse from CNS to visceral effectors? Autonomic Motor Neurons
In elderly adults, what gland is largely degenerated and replaced with fatty tissue? Thymus
Part of vertebral column with least movement S1-S5
Reflex arc order Stimulus, receptor, Afferent, Efferent, Effector, organ
Paraspinals are what to rectus abdominus Antagonist
With which two carpal bones does radius articulate Lunate and Scaphoid
O: inferior pubic ramus I: Medial proximal tibial shaft A: Adducts hip Gracillis
O: Medial and lateral epicondyle of femur I: Calcaneus via the Achilles tendon A: Plantar flexion and flexes knee Gastrocnemius
O: Posterior tibial shaft; posterior fibular shaft; interosseous membrane I: Tuberoisty of Navicular (Plantar surface), cuneiform I, II, III; cuboid, calcaneus, bases of metatarsal II, III, IV A: Plantar flexion and Inversion Tibialis Posterior
What receptors monitor changes in muscle length as well as the rate of this change and respond by relfexive contraction? Muscle Spindles
From inside to outside, tunic layers of GI tract Mucosa, submucosa, muscularis, Serosa
Universla blood donor O-
Unconscious adult, what is 1st step Try to rouse person from unconsciousness
What structures emerge from intervertebral foramina Nerve roots
What are the thing myofilaments of the sarcomere Actin
Best technique for a recent heart attack patient Effleurage and Petrissage to the limbs
What kind of cell lacks nucleus? Erythorocyte
A lesion to the this cranial nerve, can cause fascial paralysis VII
Best massage medium fo racne scars Lanolin
Dark area of dense material that separates sarconiere from each other 2 disc
How is fever helpful? Intensifies interferons; interferes with pathogen growth and metabolism; increases metabolic rate of tissue to spped up repair
Outermost layer of GI tract wall Serosa
Rescue breaths should be given how Slowly and gently
Where does polio, which is a CNS viral infection, affect motor neurons Brain stem and spinal cord
Most rehabilitative stroke Cross fiber friction
Muscle attaches to coronoid process Temporalis
What is the artery that sens blood from heart to the the body Aorta
Chief antibody - 75% - 85% of circulating antibodies Ig G
Organ that filters dead tissue and foreign matter Spleen
Which modality allows for client slef help at home Reflexology and hydrotherapy
Advantage of RBC's biconcave shape Large surface area for gas molecule diffusion in and out of cell
The fibers of the supraspinatus do this during abduction of the shoulder Shorten
What is the most likely the cause of a sprained ligament distal to the lateral maleous? Excessive inversion of the talocrural joint
Which muscle form the posterior border of the axilla? Latissimus Dorsi
In the muscle, the proprioceptor is called a ... Spindle
What muscle elevates the rib cage during inspiration Exteneral intercostals
What is the name given for the cartilage inside the knee Meniscus
Part of the plasma involved infighting disease Globulin
What muscle is synergist with piriformis Obturator internus and obturator externus
Technique best for chronic patella inflammation Effleurage
This muscle plantar flexes and eversion Peroneus Longus
Purpose of calcitonin reduce blood calcium level
Splenius Capitis attachment Mastoid process
What syndrome cycles of vasospasm, typically in fingers and toes Raynaud's Syndrome
Insertion fo Sternocleidomastoid Clavicle
What is order of blood flow through the kidneys? Renal artery to afferent arterioles to efferent art. Too loop of henle to renal vein.
Which muscle forms medial border for snuff box Extensor pollicis longus
T or F? The tibialis posterior everts the foot False
What is embedded in muscle of ventricular will and conveys stimulation to ventricles to contract simultaneously? Purkinje Fibers
Type of neuroglia helps form blood brain barrier Astrocyte
Blood traveling through the femoral artery must first pass through which artery? External Iliac
1099 form purpose Notify IRS of independent contractor wages
Where are bursae sacks usually located? between a bone and tendon
Muscles that entrap the brachial plexus Scalenes and pec minon
with profuse sweating, loss of this cause cramps and pain Sodium
O: External ilium between the anterior and nferior gluteal lines I: greater trochanter A: extend hip Gluteus Minimus
What kind of cells produces antibodies? Plasma Cells
With client supine, while stretching should try and avoid this?: Hyperextension of knee
The prefix nephro - kidney
When is vascular occlusvie disease ok for massage never
Cause of ringworm Fungi
O: Posterior sacrum, posterior coccyx, posterior iliac crest, external ilium posterior to the posterior gluteal line I; gluteal tuberoisty 25% iliotibial band 75% A Extend hip Gluteus Maximus
What is the largest gland in the body Liver
In addition to massage which is most helpful to lymph flow Exercise
T or F Adrenocorticotrophic hormone sare produced by the adrenal glands False
The muscle cell has several Nuclei
Connective tissue that covers individual nerve Endoneurium
O: Linea aspera (Lateral Lip) I: tibial tuberosity A: Extend knee Vastus Lateralis
O: Transverse process T12- L5, vertebral body T12- L5 intervertebral disks of lumbar vertebrae I: lesser trochanter A: hip flexion Psoas Major
True or False? Massage is therapeutic for sub-acute rheumatoid arthritis True
Function of the Vas deferens Propel live sperm from: storage, epididymis, distal parts of the vas deferens
Synonym for amphiarthrosis joint Cartilaginous
Claw hands are an example of Sapastic Paralysis
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