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word list 41


rescind cancel
resentment displeasure;bitterness
resilient elastic
resolution;resolve determination
resplendent dazzling;glorious;brilliant
restitution compensation;reparation;indemnification
restive restless impatient
resurge rise again;flow to & fro
resuscitate revive
reticent reserved;uncommunicative;inclined to silence
retinue following;attendants
retiring modest;shy
retrench cut down;economize
retribution vengenance;compensation
retroactive taking effect before its enactment or imposition
retrospective looking back on the past
revelry boisterous merrymaking
reverberate echo;resound
reveirie daydream;musing
revile attack with abusive language;vilify
revulsion sudden violent change of feeling;negative reaction
rhapsodize to speak or write in an exaggeratedly enthusaistic manner
rhetoric art of effective communication
ribald vulgar;wanton;profane
riddle pierce with holes;permeate or spread throughout
rider amendment or clause added to a legislative bill
rife abundant;current in speech or report;prevalent
rig fix;manipulate
rigor severity
rile vex;irritate;muddy
riveting absorbing;engrossing
rivulet small stream
rococo ornate;highly decorate
roil to make liquids murky by stirring the sediment;disturb
roseate rosy;optimistic
roster list
rostrum platform for speech making;pulpit
rote repetition
rotunda/rotundity circular building or hall;roundness
rousing lively;stirring
rout stampede;drive out
rubble fragments
rubric title/heading(in red print);protocol
ruddy reddish;healthy looking
rue regret;lament;mourn
ruffian bully;scoundrel
rummage ransack;thoroughly search
runic mysterious;set down in ancient alphabet
ruse trick;stratagem
rustic pertaining to country ppl;uncouth
rusticate banish to the country;dwell in the country
saboteur who commits sabotage;destroyer of property
sacrilegious profane;desecrating
sacrosanct most sacred;inviolable
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