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Pharm Test4

all drugs T4 LSUSD Dent shamd1 Shamd1

Cortisone anti-inflammatory short
Hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory short
Prednisone anti-inflammatory intermediate
Prednisolone anti-inflammatory intermediate
Triamcinolone anti-inflammatory intermediate
Methylprednisolone anti-inflammatory intermediate
Dexamethasone anti-inflammatory long
bethamethasone anti-inflammatory long
Betamethasone anti-inflammatory long
Acetaminophen NSAIDs
Ibuprofen NSAIDs
Naproxen NSAIDs
Ketoprofen NSAIDs
Oxaprazin NSAIDs
Indomethacin NSAIDs
Sulindac NSAIDs
Ketorolac NSAIDs
Diclofenac NSAIDs
Bromfenac NSAIDs
Etodolac NSAIDs
Nabumetone NSAIDs
Piroxicam NSAIDs
Meloxicam NSAIDs
Celecoxib NSAIDs
Refecoxib NSAIDs
Valdecoxib NSAIDs
Tenoxicam NSAIDs
Paracetamol NSAIDs
Epinephrine asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Isoproterenol asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Isoetharine asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Metaproterenol asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Albuterol asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Pirbuterol asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Bitolterol asthma Beta 2 Agonist Relievers
Atropine asthma anti-cholinergic Relievers
Scopolamine asthma anti-cholinergic Relievers
Ipratropium asthma anti-cholinergic Relievers
Tiotropium asthma anti-cholinergic Relievers
Beclomethasone asthma
Fluticasone asthma
Flunisolide asthma
Salmeterol asthma
Formoterol asthma
Bedesonide asthma
Theophylline asthma
Theobromine asthma
Dyphylline asthma
Proxyphylline asthma
Enprophylline asthma
Montelukast asthma
Zafirlukast asthma
Zileuton asthma
Diphenhydramine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Clemastine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Tripelennamine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Chlorpheniramine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Promethazine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Hydroxyzine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Cyclizine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Meclizine anti-histamine H1 1st gen
Cetirizine anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Fexofenadine anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Loratadine anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Desloratadine anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Loratadine anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Azelastin anti-histamine H1 2nd Gen
Ranitidine anti-histamine H2
Cimetidine anti-histamine H2
Lidocaine Local Anesthetics
Mepivicaine Local Anesthetics
Prilocaine Local Anesthetics
Bupivicaine Local Anesthetics
Ropivacaine Local Anesthetics
Etidocaine Local Anesthetics
Articaine Local Anesthetics
Tetracaine Local Anesthetics
Procaine Local Anesthetics
Cocaine Local Anesthetics
Benzocaine Local Anesthetics
Dyclonine HCl Local Anesthetics
Phentolamine Local Anesthetics
Diphenhydramine Local Anesthetics
Nitrous oxide General anesthetics
Ketamine General anesthetics
Diazepam General anesthetics
Lorazepam General anesthetics
Midazolam General anesthetics
Valium General anesthetics
Thiopental General anesthetics
Thiamylal General anesthetics
Methohexital sodium General anesthetics
Propofol General anesthetics
Etomidate General anesthetics
Desflurane General anesthetics
Sevoflurane General anesthetics
Isoflurane General anesthetics
Halthane General anesthetics
Dantrolene General anesthetics
Amitriptyline Neuropathic Pain
Desipramine Neuropathic Pain
Nortriptyline Neuropathic Pain
Imipramine Neuropathic Pain
Tramadol Neuropathic Pain
Doxepin Neuropathic Pain
Carbamazepine Neuropathic Pain
Phenytoin Neuropathic Pain
Valproic acid Neuropathic Pain
Clonazepam Neuropathic Pain
Gabapentin Neuropathic Pain
Lamotrigine Neuropathic Pain
Zonisamide Neuropathic Pain
Pre-Gabaline Neuropathic Pain
Methotrimeprazine Neuropathic Pain
Hydroxyzine Neuropathic Pain
Orphenadrine Neuropathic Pain
Diphenhydramine Neuropathic Pain
Griseofulvin Anti-fungal
Flucytosine Anti-fungal
Naftifine Anti-fungal
Terbinafine Anti-fungal
Tolnaftate Anti-fungal
Butenafine Anti-fungal
Ketoconazole Anti-fungal
Fluconazole Anti-fungal
Itraconazole Anti-fungal
Clotrimazole Anti-fungal
Miconazole Anti-fungal
Amphotericin B Anti-fungal
Nystatin Anti-fungal
Caspofungin Anti-fungal
Nikkomycin Anti-fungal
Polyoxin D Anti-fungal
Acyclovir Anti-Viral
Valcyclovir Anti-Viral
Penciclovir Anti-Viral
Cidofovir Anti-Viral
Vidarabine Anti-Viral
Foscarnet Anti-Viral
Ganciclovir Anti-Viral
Zanamivir Anti-Viral
Oseltamivir Anti-Viral
Ribavirin Anti-Viral
Amantadine Anti-Viral
Rimantadine Anti-Viral
Enfuvirtide Anti-Viral
Zidovudine (azidothymidine) Anti-Viral
Indinavir Anti-Viral
Idoxuridine Anti-cancer
Methotrexate Anti-cancer
Vincristine Anti-cancer
Vinblastine Anti-cancer
Paclitaxel Anti-cancer
Etoposide Anti-cancer
Cyclophosphamide Anti-cancer
Cisplatin Anti-cancer
Doxorubicin Anti-cancer
Bleomycin Anti-cancer
Sodium Iodide Anti-cancer
Tamoxifen Anti-cancer
Cyproterone Anti-cancer
Bicalutamide Anti-cancer
Megestrol Anti-cancer
Leuprolide Anti-cancer
Goserelin Anti-cancer
Exemestane Anti-cancer
Anastrozole Anti-cancer
Penicillin Antibiotics
Amoxicillin Antibiotics
Ampicillin Antibiotics
Dicloxacillin Antibiotics
Oxacillin Antibiotics
Cloxacillin Antibiotics
Piperacillin Antibiotics
Ticarcillin Antibiotics
Cefazolin Antibiotics
Ceftriaxone Antibiotics
Cephalexin Antibiotics
Cephradine Antibiotics
Cefadoxil Antibiotics
Cefaclor Antibiotics
Cefuroxime Antibiotics
Cefdinir Antibiotics
Loracarbef Antibiotics
Metronidazole Antibiotics
Moxifloxacin Antibiotics
Ciprofloxacin Antibiotics
Levofloxacin Antibiotics
Clindamycin Antibiotics
Ofloxacin Antibiotics
Erythromycin Antibiotics
Azithromycin Antibiotics
Clarithromycin Antibiotics
Streptomycin Antibiotics
Gentamicin Antibiotics
Tetracycline Antibiotics
Doxycycline Antibiotics
Minocycline Antibiotics
Cephalosporin Antibiotics
Clavulanic acid Antibiotics
Vancomycin Antibiotics
Sulfanilamide Antibiotics
Trimethoprim Antibiotics
Actinomycin Antibiotics
Bacitracin Antibiotics
Colistin Antibiotics
Polymyxin B Antibiotics
Mupirocin Antibiotics
Chloramphenicol Antibiotics
Isoniazid Antibiotics
Rifampin Antibiotics
Pyrazinamide Antibiotics
Created by: shamd1