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word list:40


redolent fragrant;odorous
redoubtable causing fear
redress remedy;compensation
redundant repetitious;superfluous;excessively wordy
reek emit(odor)
refectory dining hall
refractory stubborn
refulgent brightly shining
refurbish renovate;bright by polishing
regal royal
regale entertain
regatta boat/yatch race
regicide murder of king/queen
regime method or system of government
regimen prescribed diet and habits
reiterate repeat
rejoinder comeback;retort;reply
relegate banish to an inferior position
relent give in
relinquish give up something with reluctance
reminiscence recollection
remiss negligient
remonstrance protest
remorse guilt ; self-reproach
remunerative compensating;rewarding
rend/rent split;tear;rip
rendezvous meeting place
rendition translation
renegade deserter;traitor
renege deny;go back on
repartee clever reply
repast meal;feast;banquet
repeal revoke;annul
repertoire list of works of music'drama etc.
repine fret;complain
replenish fill up again
replete fill up 2 the brim
repository storehouse
reprehensible deserving blame
repress restarin;crush;oppress
reprieve temporary stay
reprisal retaliation
reprise musical repetition;recurrent performance
reproach express disapproval or disappointment
reprobate person hardened in sin & devoid of sense of decency
reprove censure;rebuke
repudiate refuse to accept as true;deny or reject
repugnance loathing
reputed supposed
requeim mass for the dead;dirge(slow music played when someone is dead)
requite repay;revenge
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