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KPMA flash cards etc

removes soft radiation/decreases amt of radiation absorbed by skin filtration
device tightens the useful beam collimation device
automatic collimator allows the operator to use a film holder larger or smaller than the radiation field larger
what happens when an improperly collimated x-ray beam is used results in extra scatter radiation
What is the principle purpose of the colluminator? to restrict useful xray beam to the body part being examined
High RECORDED DETAIL is what xray with sharp image and well defined detail
Subject contrast is light and dark tones on an x-ray
Subject contrast is largly dependant on what 3 things? wavelength density thickness
The ultimate x-ray image is affected by : kVp, mA, distance and time
penetrating ability of xray kVp
increasing kVp setting causes a _________ amount of scatter radiation to reach the film higher
higher kVp setting can affect the image how may result in poor image quality
What controls the quanity of the xray beam and primarily controls radiographic density? MA
True or false Image clarity is not dependant upon tube-to-orthoposer distance. true
t/f Lead must be worn by all persons receiving a foot or leg xray regardles of age. true
t/f The MPD is no less than 5 REM a year false
another name for film badge dosimeter
what is the assistants professional responsibility with regard to taking x-rays? knowledge of machine and technique offering the least exposure
t/f A higher kVp and a lower mA will reduce the patients radiation exposure. true
ALARA principle of radiation exposure stands for what as low as reasonablly achievable
How do the patient and the x-ray operator recieve unnecessary repeat x-ray exposure? technical error / carelessness
Whant is the % of x-ray over-utilization rate due to poor technique,poorly enforced laws and lack of avialable lead aprons? 90%
What is the best way to aviod mistakes when taking an x-ray? develope a routine and good x-ray technique
When making an x-ray exposure you ________ ____ stand in the primary beam would not
t/f Exposure time afffects the quality of the x-ray beam. true
What is the purpose of using a monitoring device? To make sure occupational exposure does not exceed the MPD
another name for secondary radiation. scatter or leakage radiation
How can you reduce the amt of scatter radiation reaching film? you would reduce the area being exposed to the primary beam
What gait position are the feet in when taking angle and base of gait studies? normal gait position
best wiew to visualize the articulation of the sesamiod bones with plantar aspect of the 1st met head is axial
When you take an oblique x-ray of the foot, the foot should form an angle of _____ degrees 30
When taking a DP (or AP) projection of the foot, the central x-ray should be directed at the proximal end of the 3rd WHAT? metatarsal
What is the x-ray property that causes damage to the human body? ionization
t/f X-rays have higher-energy photons and shorter wave lengths true
What is the wattage for a darkroom safelight 10-15
t/f A safelight is a basic radiation protection measure for operator. false
To maintain strength and volume of developer, __________ should be added periodiclly. replenisher
What is the function of the fixer on the manifest image? makes it permanent
Another name for cathode negative pole
t/f cathode does not reduce the amt of unecessary primary radiation entering the patient. true
anode positive electrode pole
Where is the focal spot located? anode
Which is correct 1% or 10% of produced x-rays that actually pass thru the portal. 1%
What absorbs the vast majority of the radiation produced in the x-ray tube the lead housing surrounding the tube
Another term for x-rays that are permitted to leave the tube aka ______________ beam. primary
term for center of primary beam aka central x-ray
The useful x-ray beam is known as ________ radiation. remnant
t/f The focal spot size affects the amount of radiation exposure to the patient false
_________ radiation is the primary photons that pass thru the object being x-rayed and reach the film. remnant
t/f primary radiation is the the photons directed toward the object true
If the mA is reduced by 20% and the kVp is held constant the output of the x-rays are: decreased or increased decreased
Cells that have the highest reproductive rate are _______ radiosensative highly
t/f The average photon energy of the x-ray beam influences the absorbtion of radiation in the body tissues. true
the body tissue structure most sensative to effects of radiation are the ________ gonad
________ Changes in the body caused by radiation exposure, include life span shortening,cataracts, and leukemia somatic
dense objects absorb more or less x-rays more
The developed film is to dark. You should do what? decrease time, mA, or kVp
Patient motion during x-ray results in a ________ x-ray blurred
t/f to minimize distortion in an x-ray you increase the distance between the film and the object false
Correction for an overexposed film decrease the ___ or ___ for the repeat x-ray mA kVp
In good x-ray technique, limit the size of the useful x-ray beam to the dimensions of the ________ _______ _____ part being examined
Where does ionizing radiation come from _______rays and radioactive materials in the earth and water cosmic
Ionizing radiation from cosmic rays, and radioactive materials in the earth and water aka ______________ radiation background radiation
the converion of atoms to electrically charged particles describes __________ __________ ionizing radiation
t/f food and drink do not represent a source of man-made radiation true
What does the term latent image refer to underdeveloped image
radiographic image refers to developed film or visable image
orthoposer is positioning platform
What is a mork on x-rays that is foriegn artifact
if the artifact on fil is caused by the automatic processor you would or would not replace the auto film processor to improve the quality of the next x-ray would not
lead is an example of what type material ( x-rays can not penetrate it) radiopaque
xray laws governing our profession are made by individual (choose one state,practice,doctor,or medical assistant)laws state
t/f subject contrast is dependant on wavelength, density and thickness true
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