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Manpower Block III

Manpower Apprentice Course, Block III Study Guide

a-What term(s) include both explained and unexplained variation? 9-TSS
b-What term(s) include proportion of explained variation to total variation? 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination
c-What term(s) include slope? 2-“b” value
d-What term(s) include Y-intercept? 1-“a” value
e-What term(s) include first thing you do after you have a good equation? 8-Extrapolation
f-What term(s) include measure of absolute dispersion? 4-V – Coefficient of Variation / 5-Sxy / 10-SSE
g-What term(s) include mathematical relationship between the variables? 6-Regression
h-What term(s) include measure of explained variation? 5-Sxy
i-What term(s) include Syx divided by Y mean? 4-V – Coefficient of Variation
j-What term(s) include measure of explained variation? 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination / 11-SSR
k-What term(s) include .5000 is minimum acceptable value? 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination
l-What term(s) include .7071 is minimum acceptable value? 12-R, Coefficient of Correlation
m-What term(s) include tells us if the sampe’s proportion of explained variation to unexplained variation is significant enough to allow us to predict population manpower hours? 7-F- Test
n-What term(s) include increase the applicability of a standard? 8-Extrapolation
o-What term(s) include .measures the strength and direction of the relation between X and Y? 12-R, Coefficient of Correlation
p-What term(s) include SSR/TSS? 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination
q-What term(s) include predicted man-hours? 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination
r-What term(s) include last step in correlation and regression analysis? 7-F- Test
s-What term(s) include maximum value may not exceed .25? 4-V – Coefficient of Variation
t-What term(s) include maximum value may not equal or exceed .05? Significance F
v-What term(s) include increases predicted man-hours by up to 50%? 8-Extrapolation
w-What term(s) include allows comparison of dispersion in different sets of data? 4-V – Coefficient of Variation
x-What term(s) include must be a positive value? 2-“b” value / 3-R sqrd – Coefficient of Determination / 4-V – Coefficient of Variation
y-What term(s) include can be either a positive or negative value? 1-“a” value
A SCATTERED DIAGRAM is a _______-____________ graph that describes the type of strength of relationship between ________ variables. two-dimensional / two
A VARIABLE is a characteristic of _____________________________. anything that can be manipulated or made to vary.
What are the TWO VARIABLES used in developing manpower standards? Work Load Factors (WLFs) and Man-hours (MHs) {note-looking for a causal relationship between the two variables}
Each ______ ______ on the line represents the intersection of an X and Y value. data point
How do you show a data series that appears more than once? Place a circle around the original data point for every time it occurs.
What does a scatter diagram provide? Information about the type of relationship between variables and about the strength of that relationship.
What are the four (4) types of relationships between variables? Positive/Direct Relationship Negative/Inverse Relationship / Curvilinear Relationship / No Relationship. Explain the Positive/Direct Relationship between variables?
Explain the Negative/Inverse Relationship between variables? Depicts a negative or inverse relationship. As the value of X (WLF) increases, the value of Y (MH) decreases.
Explain the Curvilinear Relationship between variables? Depicts a relationship between X (WLF) and Y (MH) that starts out as positive, but ends up as negative or vice versa.
Explain the No Relationship between variables? When variables X and Y are unrelated, their data does not correspond and cannot be graphed in a line. Any increase in X (WLF) will have no effect on Y (MH), and vice versa.
There are three (3) ways to define the relationship between variables, what are they? Strong / Weak / Unrelated
Explain a “Strong” relationship between variables. Scatter diagrams of strong related X(WLF) and Y (MH) variables will show all data points tightly clustered together about the mean. Strongly related variables mean that every change in X will almost always produce a change in Y.
In the equation Y equals a + b1 X1+b2X2+b3X3…bnXn + SIAM “a is the ________________________________” the sum of fixed measured man-hours
In the equation Y equals a + b1 X1+b2X2+b3X3…bnXn + SIAM “b is the ________________________________” the the ratio of variable man-hours (V) divided by the WLF counts (X)
In the equation Y equals a + b1 X1+b2X2+b3X3…bnXn + SIAM “SIAM is the ________________________________” the sum of all indirect work man-hours
In the equation Y equals a + b1 X1+b2X2+b3X3…bnXn + SIAM “X is the ________________________________” the value of the workload factor
How do you determine Total Man Hours (TMH)? Using the equation in the AF Manpower Standard and inserting your WLF
What is fractional man-hours? the number you get when you divide TMMH by MAF time OLF (OLF if applicable)
How do you determine total requirements? using the applicable rounding rule for the OLF used
When you have 12 months of WLF counts what do you have to do before you can use the count in the equation? find the monthly average.
Skill and grade determination must not be affected by _______________ or ________________ and contains only _____________________________________. eternal constraints / funding limitations / what is required to get the job done.
Grade and skill determination is based on four (4) assumptions. What are two of them? two grades per skill / 33% CMS-67% SMS, 40% MSG-60% TSG, 50% SSG and SRA, 100% A1C
Grade and skill determination is based on four (4) assumptions. What are the other two of them? the concept that workers spend most of their work time performing at their highest skill level / senior NCOs (9 lvl) in lieu of lower grade commissioned officers
There are two methods of building a Manpower table, what are they? Building Manpower table without C & R / Building Manpower table with C & R
When is the decision made about what method to use to build the Manpower table? Study Planning Phase
Who develops the Manpower Table? the lead team
When building Manpower table without C & R the lead team develops the manpower requirement column of what AF Form? AF Form 1113, Manpower Table
What is the first step in building a Manpower table without C & R? determine total man-hours for each location, by adding the direct and indirect man-hours. (this is given to the lead team from each input What is the second step in building a Manpower table without C & R?
What is the third step in building a Manpower table without C & R? The Lead team averages the %s received from the input teams and applies these %s to the extrapolation limits obtained from C & R
What is the forth step in building a Manpower table without C & R? multiply the requirements by the % per skill level and grade and populate your Manpower table, transferring totals to the AF Form 1113
What is the fifth step in building a Manpower table without C & R? Coordinate the proposed grade and skill distribution with the functional OPR as part of the final report.
Whose responsibility is it to determine the percentage of work done at what skill level, per POD item when the Manpower table is built with C & R? The USAF’s AFSC Functional Manager
When building a Manpower table using C & R what do you do in step 2? Multiply the % that AF Functional gave the lead team against the measured man-hours (MMH) for each POD step
When building a Manpower table using C & R what form do you record the Manpower TAB data on? AF Form 1113
If conditions fall outside those listed in the Statement of Condition (SOC), what is needed? A Variance is necessary
There are three types of variances, what are they? Mission variance / Environmental variance / Technological variance
Describe a Mission variance. This variance adds man-hours to a location for required work that is not addressed in the core Process Oriented Description (POD) (positive) or subtracts man-hours for required work identified in the core POD, but not performed (negative).
Describe an Environmental variance. It accounts for differences in operation conditions other than those used to develop the core standard (e.g. snow, geographical separation, etc). It is tied to the SOC. Describe a Technological variance.
How do you quantify increased man-hours for positive variances that have been identified? using various measurement techniques such as operational audit or work sampling.
How do you compute a Negative Variance? Compute the mean percentage value and use it to build a negative variance man-hour equation in the form of Y
True or False Mobility, deployment, and war plan exercises are activities generally recognized by variance standards. True
What are the two over riding factors to consider when determining if man-hours used during Mobility, deployment, and war plan exercises should be included in a variance? Is it directed by MAJCOM or higher? / Is the activity already identified in the POD
Implement new Air Force Manpower Standards (AFMSs) into manpower data systems with ____ calendar dates of _______ of implementation instructions> 90 days / receipt
Implementation within 90 days includes: applying the AFMS / coding the manpower requirements with the correct codes to include an effective date of three fiscal quarters (current quarter, plus two) to allow lead-time for personnel actions
What are the two ways your authorizations can increase? If the MAJCOM increases by taking authorization from somewhere within the MAJCOM / MAJCOM requesting an increase from USAF/A1M and they approving it.
After initial application, a AFMS can be reapplied for what three (3) reasons? Change in mission / Significant base population changes (greater or less than 100 authorizations) / MAJCOM commanders, on the recommendation of MAJCOM/A1M, may direct it
What is the study report referred to? The Final Report
Who completes the Final Report? The Lead Team
There are three parts to the Final Report, what are they? Part 1 Introduction / Part 2 Manpower Standard / Part 3 Data Analysis and Computation Summary
What type of items are in Part 1, Introduction? Administrative data in nature, e.g. Study ID, FAC, wartime applicability, Development method and location, Study period and participants, Reference Documents and Follow-on Actions
Where is the Man-power equations located? Part 2 Manpower Standard
Where is the Workload Factor (WLF) located? Part 2 Manpower Standard
Where is the Statement of Understanding (SOC) located? Part 2 Manpower Standard
Where is the Process Orientated Description (POD) located? Attachment 1
Where is the Standard Manpower Table located? Attachment 2
Where are the Variances located? Attachment 3
The data analysis and computation is an _______ _______ from data collection through selection of the suitable manpower model. audit trail
What does Data Exclusion mean? data points excluded from model computation.
When you exclude data points what do you need to include in the summary? state the reason for the elusion and the justification to include or exclude these location in the standard applicability statement.
What does Data Adjustments mean? defined as changes to reported frequencies, per accomplishment times, allowed man-hours or workload values made by the study team so that data shown in the manpower equation differs from the data sent by an input team.
In the data analysis and computation summary what do you need to include about the skill and grade determination? State procedures and data sources used for determination of skills and grads in the manpower table.
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