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Manpower Block 3

Requirements Determination

What is a Scatter Diagram? A two-dimensional graph that describes the type and strength of relationships between two variables.
What is a Variable? A characteristic of anything that can be manipulated or made to vary.
Describe Independent Variable (IV) A characteristic we manipulate to see what happens: the X Value. WLFs are often the IV, it is manipulated to see how it affects MRHs.
Describe Dependent Variable (DV) A characteristic that changes due to changes in the IV: the Y Value. MHRs are often the DV, its value depends on changes in WLFs.
Describe Axis On a scatter diagram, the horizontal line (axis) is the X-axis, where IVs are plotted. The vertical axis is the Y-axis where dependent variables are plotted.
Data Point Each data point represents the intersection of an X and Y value. They are read (X,Y).
Positive/Direct Relationship As the value of X (WLF) increases, so does the value of Y (MH) or as the value of X decreases so does the value of Y
Negative/Inverse Relationship As the value of X (WLF) increases, the value of Y (MH) decreases. The reverse also being true.
Curvilinear Relationship A relationship between X and Y that starts out as positive, but ends up as a negative. The reverse also being true.
No Relationship Variables X and Y are unrelated, and their data does not correspond and cannot be graphed on a line. Increases in X (WLF) has no effect on Y (MH)
Strong All data points tightly clustered together about the mean.
Weak All data points loosely clustered about the mean.
Unrelated All data points scattered all over the graph, X and Y values occur without influencing each other.
Linear Equation The most direct relationship between two variables is the linear equation, Y = a+bX
Y represents... The number of man-hours predicted by C&R, given a WLF (IV) and number of man-hours currently used at the sample bases (DV)
b represents... The slope of the regression line. X axis
a represents... The point at which the regression line crosses the Y axis. Y intercept
A manpower standard is.. A means of assigning authorized spaces to a work center so the required number of AF members can be employed.
Standard development involves.. Workload Factors (WLFs) and man-hours (MH)
A workload factor is.. A driver of workload. WLFs predict man-hours.
Man-hours are.. time spent performing the work.
A single location standard is appropriate when.. The function under study is peculiar to one location or the service provided is very different from other locations. When a base falls outside the applicability AF or MAJCOM manpower standard.
Variable man-hours are.. Directly related to workload factors. As WLFs increase, variable man-hours increase.
Fixed man-hours are.. Unrelated to workload factors. (Ex. Inspection preparation)
Standard Indirect Man-hours are.. Man-hours related to tasks that are common to almost every work center. (Ex. Performance reports, directing work center activities.)
Explain Y=a+b(1)x(1)+b(2)x(2)...b(n)x(n)+SIAM Y-Sum of all applicable man-hours a-Sum of fixed measured man-hours b-Direct man-hours to product ONE UNIT OF WORK SIAM-Sum of all indirect work man-hours X-Value of the workload factor
Grades and skills are initially discussed in which phase of manpower standard development? Study planning
The two most prevalent methods of determining grades and skills are... Non C&R and C
What form is used to document grades and skill for a manpower standard? AF Form 1113
Grades and skills that are listed on a Manpower table reflect.. Required grades and skills
T or F: You should always consider funding limitations when determining skills and grades. False
Using the C&R method of Grade and Skill determination, who determines the grade and skill percentages? AF Functional OPR
T or F: It is AF policy to use senior NCOs in lieu of lower grade commissioned officers when practical and feasable. True
What concept is used in determining what skill levels are needed? Workers spend most of their time at the highest skill level
What is the correct abbreviation for a 1LT and a Chief Master Sergeant on a manpower table? LT and CMS
Normally, how would you reflect a civilian on a Manpower Table if the function you were studying also had military requirements? Military Grade
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