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drugs lists

drugs brand and generic names

(Antiaginals)Angina is Chest pain
Nitroglycerin (Heart pain) Various
Isosorbide Dinitrate(Heart pain) Isordil
morphine SO4 C-II(Pain) MS Contin
Nalbuphine(Pain) Nubain
Oxycodone +ASA (Asprin)C-II(Pain) percodan
oxycodone +APAP (tylenol)C-II(Pain) percocet, Tylox
oxymorphone C-II(Pain) numorphan
pentazocine c-IV(Pain) talwin
naloxone + pentazocine C-IV(Pain) Talwin NX
Propoxyphene HCI C-IV(Pain) Darvon
Propoxyphene napsylate C-IV (50-100 mg )(Pain) darvocet
sufentanil C-II(Pain) Sufenta
Acetaminophen (No anti-inflamitory) (Pain and Fever) APAP
Acetylsalicylic acid(Pain and Fever) ASA
Diflunisal(Pain and Fever) Dolobid
Phenazopyridine (UTI) (Pain and Fever) Pyridium
Celecoxib- COX-2 Inhibitor (NSAIDS) Celebrex
Diclofenac (NSAIDS) Various
ibuprofen(NSAIDS) Advil, Nuperin, Motrin, Children's advil+motrin
Indomethacin -take on empty stomach (NSAIDS) Idocin
Ketorolac Toradol
Naproxen -standars 275mg DS 550mg (NSAIDS) Naprosyn, Anaprox
Budesonide (Corticosteroids) Rhinocort
Cortisone (Corticosteriods) Cortone
Dexamethasone (Corticosteriods) Decadron
Fluticasone (Corticosteriods) Flovent
Methylprednisolone (Corticosteriods) Depo-medrol, Solu-medrol
Triamcinolone (Corticosteriods) Aristocort, Kenalog Nasacort
Alfentanil (Narcotics Pain) C-II Alfenta
Butorphanol (Narcotics Pain) C-II Stadol and Stadol NS(Nasal Spray)
Codeine (Narcotics Pain) C-II codeine
Fentanyl (Narcotics Pain) C-II Sublimaze Duragegic
Hydromorphone (Narcotics Pain) C-II Dilaudid
Meperidine (Narcotics Pain) C-II Demerol
Methadone (Narcotics Pain) C-II (for Herion users) Dolophine
Diltiazem (Calcium channel Blockers) Cardizem, Dilacor, Tiazac
Felodipine (Calcium Channel Blockers) Plendil
Nimodipine (Calcium channel Blockers) Nimotop
Nisoldipine (Calcium Channel Blockers) Syscor
Verapamil (Calcium Channel Blockers) Calan, Isoptin, Verelan
Disopyramide (Class 1 sodium Channel Blockers) (Antiarrhythmic) Norpace
Lidocaine (Class 1 sodium Channel Blockers) (Antiarrhythmic) Xylocaine
Procainamide (Class 1 sodium Channel Blockers) (Antiarrhythmic) Pronestyl
Quinidine (Class 1 sodium Channel Blockers) (Antiarrhythmic) Various
Propafenone (Class 1 sodium Channel Blockers) (Antiarrhythmic) Rythmol
Atenolol ( Class 2 Beta-Adrenergic Blockers Antiarhythmic) Tenormin
Esmolol ( Class 2 Beta-Adrenergic Blockers Antiarhythmic) Brevibloc
Labetalol ( Class 2 Beta-Adrenergic Blockers Antiarhythmic) Normodyne
Metoprolol ( Class 2 Beta-Adrenergic Blockers Antiarhythmic) Lopressor
Propranolol ( Class 2 Beta-Adrenergic Blockers Antiarhythmic) Inderal
Amiodarone (Class 3 Potassium Channel Blockers Antiarhythmin) Cordarone
Brethlium (Class 3 Potassium Channel Blockers Antiarhythmin) Bretylol
Digoxin (Antiarrhythmin CHF) Lanoxin
Digitoxin (Antiarrhythmin CHF) Crystodigin
Chloroquine (Amebicides - Anti-infectives) Aralen
Hydroxychloroquine (Amebicides - Anti-infectives) Plaquenil
Metronidazole (Amebicides - Anti-infectives) Flagyl
Pentamidine (Amebicides - Anti-infectives) Nebupent, Pentam (Aerosolized)
Gentamicin (Aminogylcosides- Anti-infectives) Garamyvin
Cleocin (Aminogylcosides- Anti-infectives) Clindomycin
Kanamycin (Aminogylcosides- Anti-infectives) Kantrex
Neomycin (Aminogylcosides- Anti-infectives) Various
Tobromycin (Aminogylcosides- Anti-infectives) Nebcin
Amphotericin B (Antifungals sysemic- Anti-infectives) Amphocin
Fluconazole (Antifungals sysemic- Anti-infectives) Diflucan
Griseofulvin (Antifungals sysemic- Anti-infectives) Fulvicin, Grifulvin
Nystatin (Antifungals sysemic- Anti-infectives) Mycostatin, Nilstat
Terbinafine (Antifungals sysemic- Anti-infectives) Lamisil
Cefaclor (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Ceclor
Cefazolin (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Ancef, Kefzol
Cefepime (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Maxipime
Cefizoxime (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Cefizox
Cefixime (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Suprax (Not Refrigerated)
Cefotaxime (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Claforan
Ceftriaxone (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Rocephin
Cephalexin (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Keflex
Cephradine (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Anspor, Velosef
Lorecarbef (Cephalosporins- Anti-infections) Lorabid (Room Temp)
Azithromycin (Erythromycin- Anti-infections) Zithromax
Clarithromycin (Erythromycin- Anti-infections) Biaxin
Erythromycin (Erythromycin- Anti-infections) Base
Erythromycin + Sulfasoxizole (Erythromycin- Anti-infections) Pediazole
Amoxicillin + Clavulanate (Penicillin - Anti-infections) take with food Augmentin
Amoxicillin (Penicillin - Anti-infections) Various
Ampicillin (Penicillin - Anti-infections) Various
Penicillin G (Penicillin - Anti-infections) injection IM Bicillin-LA
Pencillin G, Procaine (Penicillin - Anti-infections) Ref, IM Wycillin
Piperacillin (Penicillin - Anti-infections) Zosyn
Ticarcillin + Clavulanate (Penicillin - Anti-infections) Timentin
Doxycycline (Tetracyclines- Anti-infections) Vibramycin
Minocycline (Tetracyclines- Anti-infections) Minocin
Tetracycline (Tetracyclines- Anti-infections) Various
Acyclovir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Zovirax (Chicken Pox)
Amantadine (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Symmetral
Famciclovir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Famvir
Foscarnet (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Foscavir
Nelfinavir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Viracept
Oseltamivir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Tamiflu
Valacyclovir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) Herpies Valtrex
Zanamivir (Antivirals- Anti-infections) HIV Relenza
Zidovudine AZT (Antivirals- Anti-infections) HIV Retovir
SMZ-TMP (Sulfonamides- Anti-infections) Bactrim, Septra
Sulfasoxazole (Sulfonamides- Anti-infections) Gantrisin
Ethambutol (Antituberculars- Anti-infections) Myambutol, Etibi
Isoniazid (Antituberculars- Anti-infections) INH
Pyrazinamide (Antituberculars- Anti-infections) PMS
Rifabutin (Antituberculars- Anti-infections) Mycobutin
Rifampin (Antituberculars- Anti-infections) Rifadin, Rimactane (Turn urine Red)
Atropine (Anticholinergic) Atropisol
Dicyclomine (Anticholinergic) Bentyl
Belladonna (Anticholinergic) Belladonna +opium, Tinct USP
Benztropine (Anticholinergic) Cogentin
Glycopyrrolate (Anticholinergic) Robinul
Hyoscyamine (Anticholinergic) Levsin
Scopolamine (Anticholinergic) Transderm-Scop (Motion Sickness)
Pancuronium (Neuromuscular Blocking Agents) REF. Various
Succinylcholine (Neuromuscular Blocking Agents) REF. Anectine, Quelicin, Sucostrin
Vesuronium (Neuromuscular Blocking Agents)REF. Norcuron
Dalteparin (Anticoagulants) Fragmin
Enoxaprin (Anticoagulants) Lovenox
Heparin (Anticoagulants) various
Wafarin (Anticoagulants)Vitamin K =Antidote thickens blood Coumadin
Carbamazepine (Anticonvulsants) Tegretol
Clonazepam (Anticonvulsants) Klonopin
Diazepam (Anticonvulsants) Valium
Divalproex (Anticonvulsants) E.C., E.R., Sprinkle Depakote
Gabapentin (Anticonvulsants) Neurontin
Lamotrigine (Anticonvulsants) Lamictal
Levetiracetam (Anticonvulsants) Keppra
Oxcarbazine (Anticonvulsants) Trileptal
Phenobarbital (Anticonvulsants) Various
Phenytoin (Anticonvulsants) Dilantin
Primidone (Anticonvulsants) Mysoline
Valproic Acid (Anticonvulsants) Depakene
Acarbose (Antidiabetic) Precose
Chlopropamide (Antidiabetic) Diabinese
Glimepride (Antidiabetic) Amaryl
Glipizide (Antidiabetic) Glucatrol
Glipizide + Metformin (Antidiabetic) Metaglip
Glucagon (Antidiabetic) E-Kit/ Diag Kit
Glyburide (Antidiabetic) Diabeta
Glyburide +Metformin (Antidiabetic) Glucovance
Insulin (Antidiabetic) Various
Metformin (Antidiabetic) Glucophage
Miglitol (Antidiabetic) Glyset
Nateglinide (Antidiabetic) Starlix
Pioglitazone (Antidiabetic) Actos
Repaglinide (Antidiabetic) Prandin
Rosiglitazole (Antidiabetic) Avandia
Rosiglitazole + metformin (Antidiabetic) Avandament
Tolazamide (Antidiabetic) Tolinase
Tolbutamide (Antidiabetic) Orinase
Bismuth (Antidiarrheals) Pepto-Bismol
Diphenoxylate/ Atropine (Antidiarrheals) C-IV Lomotil
Kaolin/ Pectin (Antidiarrheals) Kaopectate, Donnagel
Loperamide (Antidiarrheals) Imodium
Opium Tincture (Antidiarrheals) C-III Paregoric
Aprepitant (Antiemetic) Emend
Dimenhydrinate (Antiemetic) Dramamine
Dolasetron (Antiemetic) Anzemet
Dronabinol (Antiemetic) Marijuana caps C-III Marinol
Meclizine (Antiemetic) Antivert, Bonine
Metoclopramide (Antiemetic) Reglan
Ondansetron (Antiemetic) Zofran
Palonosentron (Antiemetic) Aloxi
Prochlorperazine (Antiemetic) Compazine
Promethazine (Antiemetic) Phenergan
Trimethobenzamide (Antiemetic) Tigan
Bleomycin (Antineoplastics) Blenoxane
Capecitabine (Antineoplastics) Xeloda
Carboplatin (Antineoplastics) Paraplatin
Chlorambucil (Antineoplastics) Leukeran
Cisplatin (Antineoplastics) Platinol
Cyclophosphamide (Antineoplastics) Cytoxan
Cytarabine (Antineoplastics) Cystosar-u
Dacarbazine (Antineoplastics) DTIC-Dome
Doxorubicin (Antineoplastics) Adriamycin
Etoposide (Antineoplastics) Vepesid
Fludarabine (Antineoplastics) Fludara
Fluorouracil (Antineoplastics) Efudex
Gemcitabine (Antineoplastics) Gemzar
Hydroxyurea (Antineoplastics) Hydrea
Leuprolide (Antineoplastics) Lupron
Megestrol (Antineoplastics) Megace
Melphalan (Antineoplastics) Alkeran
Mercaptopurine (Antineoplastics) Purinethol
Methotrexate (Antineoplastics) Trexall
Mitomycin (Antineoplastics) Mutamycin
Mitoxantrone (Antineoplastics) Novanthrone
Oxaliplatin (Antineoplastics) Eloxatin
Paclitaxel (Antineoplastics) Taxol
Tamoxifen (Antineoplastics) Nolvadex
Vinblastine (Antineoplastics) Velban
Vincristine (Antineoplastics) Oncovin
Acetazolamide (Diuretics Antihypertensive) Diamox
Bumetanide (Diuretics Antihypertensive) Bumex
Furosemide (Diuretics Antihypertensive) Lasix
Hydrochlorthiazide (Diuretics Antihypertensive) HCTZ
Metazolone (Diuretics Antihypertensive) Zaroxolyn
Spironolactone (Diuretics Antihypertensive) Aldactone
Captopril (Ace Inhibitors Antihypertensive) Capoten
Enalapril (Ace Inhibitors Antihypertensive) Vasotec
Lisinopril (Ace Inhibitors Antihypertensive) Prinivil Zestril
Quinapril (Ace Inhibitors Antihypertensive) Accupril
Ramipril (Ace Inhibitors Antihypertensive) Altace
Clonidine (Antihypertensive) Catapres
Hydralazine (Antihypertensive) Apresoline
Methyldopa (Antihypertensive) Aldoment
Minoxidil (Antihypertensive) Loniten
Niprorusside (Antihypertensive) Nipride
Prazosin (Antihypertensive)treat raynauds disease Minipres
Amantadine (Antiparkinsonian) Symmetrel
Benztropine (Antiparkinsonian) Cogentin
Bromocriptine (Antiparkinsonian) Parlodel
Carbbidopa (Antiparkinsonian) Sinemet
Ropinirole (Antiparkinsonian) Requip
Selegiline (Antiparkinsonian) Eldepryl
Levothyroxine (Thyroid Hormones) Synthroid
Liothyronine (Thyroid Hormones) Cytomes
Thyroid Dessicated (Thyroid Hormones) Armour Thyroid
Cimetidine (Antiulcer) H2 Tagamet
Famotidine (Antiulcer) H2 Pepcid
Esomeprazole (Antiulcer) PPI Nexium
Lansoprazole (Antiulcer) PPI Prevacid
Misoprostol (Antiulcer) H2 Cytotec
Nizatidine (Antiulcer) H2 Axid
Pantoprazole (Antiulcer) PPI Protonix
Omeprazole (Antiulcer) PPI Prilosec
Rabepeazole (Antiulcer) PPI Aclphex
Ranitidine (Antiulcer) H2 Zantac
Sucralfate (Antiulcer) H2 Carafate
Albuterol (Bronchodilators) Proventil, Ventolin
Aminophylline (Bronchodilators) Various
Epinephrine (Bronchodilators) Adrenalin
Ipratropium (Bronchodilators) Atrovent
Isoproterenol (Bronchodilators) Isuprel
Levobuterol (Bronchodilators) Xopenex
Metaproterenol (Bronchodilators) Alupent
Pirbuterol (Bronchodilators) Maxair
Salmeterol (Bronchodilators) Serevent
Tertbutaline (Bronchodilators) Brethine
Theophylline (Bronchodilators) Various
Dobutamine (Drugs used in Shock) Dobutrex
Dopamine (Drugs used in Shock) Intropin
Phenylephrine (Drugs used in Shock) Neo-Synephrine
Bisacodyl (Irritants) Drugs used in Shock Dulcolax
Cascara (Irritants) Drugs used in Shock Various
Castor Oil (Irritants) Drugs used in Shock Various
Magnesium Citrate (Saline Cathartics) Drugs used in Shock Citroma
Sodium Phosphates (Saline Cathartics) Drugs used in Shock Phospo-soda (Fleets Enema)
Calcium Polycarbophil (Bulk Forming) Drugs used in shock Fibercon, Mitrolan
methylcellulose (Bulk Forming) Drugs used in shock Citrucel
Psyllium (Bulk Forming) Drugs used in shock Metamucil
Docusate NA (Fecal Softeners) Drugs used in shock Colace
Mineral Oil (Lubricants) Kondremul
Alprazalam (Antianxiety Agents) C-IV Xanax
Buspirone (Antianxiety Agents) C-IV Buspar
Diazepam (Antianxiety Agents) Valium
Hydroxyzine (Antianxiety Agents) Atarax, Vistaril
Lorazepam (Antianxiety Agents) C-IV Ativan
Midazolam (Antianxiety Agents) C-IV Versed
Oxazepam (Antianxiety Agents) C-IV Serax
Amitriptyline (Antidepressants) Elavil
Bupropion (Antidepressants) Wellbutrin
Citalopram (Antidepressants) Celexa
Desipramine (Antidepressants) Norpramine
Doxepin (Antidepressants) Sinequan
Escitalopram (Antidepressants) Lexapro
Fluoxetine (Antidepressants) OCD Prozac
Imipramine (Antidepressants) Tofranil
Mirtazapine (Antidepressants) Remeron
Maprotiline (Antidepressants) Ludiomel
Nortriptyline (Antidepressants) Pamelor
Paroxetine (Antidepressants) OCD Paxil
Sertraline (Antidepressants) Zoloft
Trazadone (Antidepressants) Desyrel
Venlafaxine (Antidepressants) Effexor
Clomipramine (Antidepressants) OCD Anafranil
Aripiprazole (Antipsychotics) Abilify
Chlorpromazine (Antipsychotics) treat never-ending hiccups Thorazine
Clozapine (Antipsychotics) Clozaril
Fluphenazine (Antipsychotics) Prolixin
Haloperidol (Antipsychotics) terets Haldol
Loxapine (Antipsychotics) Loxitane
Olanzapine (Antipsychotics) Zyprexa
Perphenazine (Antipsychotics) Trilifon
Pimozide (Antipsychotics) Orap
Quetiapine (Antipsychotics) Seroquel
Risperidone (Antipsychotics) OCD of Terets Risperdal
Thioridazine (Antipsychotics) Bed Wetters Mellaril
Thiothixene (Antipsychotics) Navane
Trifluoperazine (Antipsychotics) Stelazine
Ziprasidone (Antipsychotics) Geodon
Vitamin A Retinol (Retinal Function, Bone Growth)
Vitamin B1 Thiamine (Carbohydrate, Metabolism)
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (Tissue Respiration)
Vitamin B3 Niacin (Lipid Metabolism)
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine (Amino Acid Metabolism)
Vitamin B9 Folic Acid (Red Blook Cell Formation)
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin (Red Blood Cell Formation)
Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid (Collagen Formation, Tissue Repair)
Vitamin D2 Ergocalciferol (Absorption + Utilization of Ca++ and P04
Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol (Absorption + Utilization of Ca++ and P04)
Vitamin E - (Antioxidant)
Vitamin K1 Phytonadine (Blood Clotting)
Vitamin K3 Menadione (Blood Clotting)
Fat-Soluble Vitamins A,D,E,K
Water-Soluble Vitamins B,C
Trace Elements (Metals) Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Mangenese, Selenium, Zinc
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