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wet styling

cosmetology-milady 2010

type of hair gel that makes the hair pliable enough to finger wave waving lotion
finger wave procedure, pinching or pushing a ridge w/ your fingers creates over-direction of ridge
stationary foundation of a curl that is also the area closest to the scalp is called base
section of hair molded in circular movements in preparation for the formation of a pin curl shaping
most commonly shaped pin curl base is arc base
pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed w/o lifting the hair from the head are referred to as carved curls
to avoid an indentation when anchoring pin curls, do not pin across the: circle
to create curls in using rollers, the hair should be wrapped around the roller: 2 1/2 turns
another term used to describe back-brushing ruffing
brushes that are used to blow-dry precision haircuts where little or no volume is desired classic styling
large, flat brushes w/ staggered pin patterns used for mid-to-longer hair length paddle
good-quality pressing combs are constructed of either stainless steel or brass
to remove the carbon buildup from the metal portion of a pressing comb, immerse the comb in a solution containing baking soda
the press performed when the air becomes curly again due to perspiration or dampness touch-up
styles that are full around the forehead and jawline to create a more oval appearance are recommended for diamond
full braiding styles can make an oblong-shaped face appear shorter
hair that is referred to as virgin or natural hair has no previous coloring chemicals, lightening treatments, or physical abuse
brushes that collapse when they encounter too much resistance in releasing tangles for hair pneumatic
brushes w/ wide-spaced protective pins used on human hair extensions or to gently remove tangles from wet wavy or dry curly hair vent
a manufactured synthetic fiber w/ a texture similar to extremely curly or coiled hair types that does not reflect light and is used for hair extensions kanekalon
extension material that may cut or break the hair and melt w/ the application of excessive heat nylon
hair that is best braided slightly damp or very lightly coated w/ a wax or pomade to make it more pliable straight, resistant
blow-drying softens textured hair, stretches the hair shaft length, and elongates a wave pattern
the terms singe, box or individual all refer to what kind of braids free-hanging
the method of cornrows that look natural, last longer, and will not place excessive tension on the hairline feed-in
during the maturation stage of locks, the hair is soft and coiled into spiral configurations, and the end is open
Created by: angellalf
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