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Recorded Detail

Radiographic Recorded Detail

Visibility of detail the overall quality of the finished radiograph
Recorded detail the sharpness of the lines of the image
What is noise? any unwanted thing on the image
A decrease in OID causes recorded detail to do what? increase
An increase in FSS causes recorded detail to do what? decrease
As SOD increases, detail ___________ increases
As OID increases, magnification ___________ increases
As FSS increases, penumbra ___________ increases
As OID increase, penumbra ___________ increases
As SID increases, penumbra ___________ decreases
What are the geometric factors that affect recorded detail? FSS, OID, and SID
What is used to measure recorded detail? resolution grid
A metal line and the space next to it is called a _______ line pair
The area of unsharpness is called __________ penumbra
As unsharpness increases, recorded detail __________ decreases
What is the area on the anode of the tube that is hit with electrons from the filament? focal spot size
Involuntary motion can be best reduced by _________ ____________ __________ decreasing exposure time.
The best method of reducing motion is _____________ ______________ patient communication
The controlling factor of recorded detail is __________ FSS
Created by: akd72012