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what is the capital? buenos aires
what is the landmass? 1,068,302 sq mi - 23 provinces
what are the major physical features? west- andes mountains mount aconcagua is the highest mountain in western hemisphere -east of andes is andes foothillswhich has grains,cotton,and grapes grown -runoff of andes mnts makes farming possible -southeast of andes pategonia which has poor soi
more physical features ……………. central- pampas which has fertile soil and 2/3 of pop lives there east- rio de a plata which is a bay formed by prana and uruguay river northwest- gran chaco which has heavy summer rain,substince farming and trees grow tanin northeast-grasslands
what is the economy? -farming and ranching -beef,sugar cane,wheat,soybeans,and corn -natural recources are petroleum,zinc,iron,copper,tin,and uranium
what are the major imports and exports? import-machinery export-meat
what is the government? democratic republic and president is hristina fernandez de kirchner
what is the language? spanish wth italian dialect
what is the religion? 92% roman catholic
what are the ethnic groups? 97% european ancestry and mostly spanish and italian
what is the climate? northeast-humid subtropical andes-highland south-marine west coast centeral and south east -dessert centeral and north- steppe
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