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WCC Immunology

WCC Immunology terminology

Term - ImmunologyDefinition
Immunity the state of being exempt from or protected agains foreign subs
Immunology the study of the immune system
Antigen substance that the body regards as foreign
Antibody diesease-figthing protein produced by the body in respoonse to the presence of a specific antigen
Lymp interstital fluid; clear, colorless tissue fluid that leaves the capillaries and flows in the spaces between the cells of the tissue or organ
Cisterna chyli origin of the thoracid duct and saclike structure fo lymp collection
Lymph nodes small bean-shaped structures that filter lymph and store B and T lymphocytes
Tonsils masses of lymphatic tissues that protect the nose and upper throat
Spleen mass of lymphatic tissue located in the cranial abdomen that produces lymphocytes and monocytes, filters foreign material form the blood and maintains an appropirate balance of cells and plasma
Thymus gland that has an immunlogic function and is predominately found in your animals
lymphocyte type of white blood cells that attachks specific organs
monocytes tuype of leukocyte that acts as a macrophage in the thymus
macrophage phagocytic cell that protects the body by eating invading cells and by interacting with other cells of the immune system
resistant not susceptibel
vaccination immunization; adminstration of antigen to stimulate a protective immune response against a specific infectious agent
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