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Medical Gases

High Pressure cylinders/flowmeters/regulators

Which type of safety system will prevent you from connecting an air flowmeter to an oxygen station outlet? A. PISS B. DISS C. ASSS (TJI) B. DISS
A patient is to be taken to have an MRI it will take approx. 30 min. The patient needs at least 10 L/min of oxygen. Which of the following E cylinders has the lowest amount of oxygen that you can safely use? A. 2200 psi B. 900 psi C. 1100 psi (T B. 900 psi
You have a tank with the stampings DOT.3AA.2015 on the side. What does the (2015 represent? A. Service pressure B. Maximum fill pressure C. Both A and B (TJI) C. Both A and B
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Oxygen? A. Colorless, odorless, tasteless B. Non-flammable C. Supports combustion D. Will combine with all elements and inert gases. (TJI) D. Will combine with all elements and inert gases.
It is ok to use a cylinder of oxygen that does not contain a label as long as it is green in color. A. True B. False (TJI) B. False
What is the cylinder color code for Helium A. Brown B. Gray C. Orange D. Black (TJI) A. Brown
What safety standard is founf on larger tanks, such as G and H cylinders? A. PISS B. DISS C. ASSS D. Quick connect systems (TJI) C. ASSS
A hydrostatic date testing date of "12 10" on a cylinder means the next testing date will be due on which following date? A. 01/16 B. Dec. 2015 C. 11/15 D. Dec. 2020 (TJI) B. Dec. 2015
When using a bourdon gauge and a occlusion occurs distal to the gauge, the bourdon gage will: A. Read the correctly no matter what B. Reads higher than actual L/min C. Reads higher than actual L/min D. Reads lower than actual L/min (TJI) B. Reads higher than actual L/min
When a large tank is over filled and the tanks safety relief is activated which of the following has occurred? A. Frangible disk has exploded B. Gas is vented to the atmosphere C. Temp. inside the tank has risen too high D. A,B and C (TJ D. A, B and C
A patient has a "E" cylinder at home for oxygen. A cylinder of Air was delivered by mistake. What would insure that the patient would not receive the contents of the air cylinder A. PISS for O2 is 2-5 B. PISS for O2 is 1-5 C. Both A and C (TJ A. Piss for O2 is 2-5
A regulator is what two things combined?(IE) reducing valve and flowmeter
2. If you look at a Thorpe tube and the needle valve is positioned upstream or proximal to the actually tube this would indicated what?(IE) it is uncompensated
3. If you put a flowmeter into a gas outlet and the ball in the Thorpe tube jumps this would indicate what? (IE) The Thorpe tube is compensated
4. If you had to transport a patient and knew the only way to continue the patient’s O2 therapy was to lay the cylinder down flat what king of flowmeter would be most appropriate? (IE) A bourdon gauge
5. A H cylinder reading 1500 psi with the flow set at 5 l/min will need to be changed out when? (IE) about 15 hours and 30 mins
What type of safety system is used for E tanks or smaller? (IE) Pin-Index safety system( PISS)
3AL in the specifications on a cylinder would indicate what? (IE) It is made of aluminum
How long will a E cylinder of oxygen with 2200 psi of pressure and a flow rate of 4 L/min last A. 90 min. B. 153 min. C. 2 hrs. D. 1 1/2 hrs. (TJI) B. 153 min.
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