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RCS1-O2 Delivery Dev

Types of Oxygen delivery devices

What is the most common type of oxygen delivery system? KH A nasal cannula
Which two masks have the advantage of allowing the patient to breath room air should the oxygen delivery system fail? KH Simple and partial rebreather masks
What type of device will give a guaranteed FiO2 no matter what the patient’s venilatory pattern is? KH High flow device
What kind of mask requires the liter flow to be at least 5 LPM to ensure that CO2 is being flushed out? KH Simple mask
What type of O2 device delivers FiO2 from 28 -100%? KH Air-entrainment nebulizer
What are advantages of a high flow device? KH They are precise and stable and the patient’s rr and Vt have no effect on FIO2%
What is defined as a device that does NOT meet all the inspiratory flow demands of the patient? KH Low flow device
What device delivers up to 100% O2, if bag does not completely collapse during inhalation? KH Non-rebreathing mask
If bag on a non-rebreathing mask collapses more than 2/3 the capacity what can you do to correct the problem? KH Turn up the flow.
What is similar to a simple mask designed to fit over neck area than mouth and nose? KH Tracheostomy Mask
Who is a croup tent never to be used on? KH Newborns
What is a clear plastic shell that encompasses the head to provide O2 therapy to children <1 year of age? KH Oxygen hood
What is another name for an air-entranment mask? KH Venturi mask or venti mask
What are disadvantages of a nasal cannula? KH Drying of mucosa and nares, increased chance of nosebleeds, soreness and breakdown of tissue around ears.
What does affect the delivered FiO2 in a venturi mask? KH A blocked entrainment port
True or False Your are supposed to use a humidifier with a venturi mask. KH False
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