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word list 49


venal capable of being bribed
vendetta blood feud
veneer thin layer,cover
venerable deserving high respect
venerate revere
venial forgivable;trivial
venison the meat of a deer
ventriloquist someone who can make his voice seem to come from some other person or thing
veracious truthful
verbatim word for word
verbiage pompous array of words
verbose wordy
verdant green;lush in vegetation
verdigris green coating on copper that has been exposed to weather
verisimilar probable;likely
veritable actual;being truely so
verity quality of being true;lasting truth or principle
vernacular living language;natural style
vernal pertaining to spring
verve enthusiasm;livliness
vestige trace;remains
viable practical or workable;capable of maintaining life
viand food
vicarious acting as a substitute;done by a deputy
vicissitude change of fortune
victuals food
vie contend;compete
vigor active strength
vignette picture;short literary sketch
vilify slander
vindicate clear from blame
vindictive out of revenge
vinter winemaker
virile manly
virtual in essence;for practical purposes
virtue goodness
virtuoso highly skilled artist
virulent hostile
visage face;appearance
viscid adhesive;gluey
vise tool for holding work in place
visionary produced by imagination
vitiate spoil the effect of;make inoperative
vitreous pertaining to or resembling glass
vitreolic corrosive;sarcastic
vituperative scolding;abusive
vivacious lively or animated
vivisection act of dissecting living animals
vociferous clamorous;noisy
vogue popular fashion
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