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Meridian geo

Mackenzie and Lydia

African trading civilization followed what? Ethiopians
Africa was home to many _______,________ as well Ancient Civilizations
What all did the ancient Egyptians learn? To build Great Pyrimids, Sphyiny, Magnificent Temples, Tombs Hierooglyphic Writing.
The story of Solomon and Sheba is told in the ______? The old Testment Bible
What are paleantolologist used for? studing fossils and the early humans.
What was the family that found 13 fossils in one trip at the same location? The first family.
What did hunters and gatheres turn into? farmers.
Ancient Ethiopians created an important trading empire around what sea? And why? Red sea, because they thought there would be more to trade because of being right by water near where fish and sea life lived.
in West Africa what 3 countries rose in order in the Sahel region? Ghana, Mali, Songhai
Who was the person who discovered Lucy? Donald Johanson
Created by: lydroxlol