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Answers 12-17

REtest answers

Electrical excitability all of the above..muscle calls and neurons
contains nueronal cell bodies, dendrites, axons, terminals, neuroglia Gray Matter
Resting Membrane potential -40 to -90 mV
Depolarizing graded potential Makes membrane less polarized
neurotransmitter depolarizes postynaptic membrane referred to as excitatory
IPSP inhibitory postsynaptic potential
diffusion, enzymatic degration, and uptake are all ways to remove neurotransmitter
not considered major part of the brain cauda equina
consists of medulla, pons, midbrain brain stem
protects brain by preventing passage of toxins blood brain barrier
CSF carries chemicals from _____ to neurons arachnoid space
locataed in each hemisphere of the cerebrum lateral ventricle
networks of capillaries in walls of ventricles choroid plexuses
fingerlik projects that reabsord cfs arachnoid villus
medulla nuclie are both a&b masses of gray and white matter
Helps maintiain consciousness pons
folia are ridges of white matter
which glands are directly controlled by hormones in the hypothalamis? pituitary
structures conduct nerve impules between gyri in different hemisphere in cerebrum? pyramids
which part in cerebrum responsible for vision? primary visual area
which part in cerebrum responsible for conscious movement? Primary Frontal area
cranial nerves carry sensory info to olfactory? I
Cranial nerve V also known as? Trigeminal
Cranial nerve responsible for visceral activity Vagus
Cranial nerve responsible for facial expression Facial
Most superfical of the 3 spinal meninges Dura Mater
contrains cerebrospinal fluid subarachnoid space
contains sensory axon that conduct nerve impulses from sensory receptor in skin, muscle internal organs into cns. posterior root
spinal nerves all of the above
white matter tracts spinal cd. contain ascending information? Sensory tracts
descending tracts contain what type of info motor
Superficial covering over entire nerve Epineurium
postganlionic neuron release neurotransmitter at the effector cell
which nerotransmitter bind to autonomic receptors norepinephrine & ach
Classified as cholingeric receptors nicotine and muscarine receptors
cells provide sense of smell olfactory hair cells
physical support nourishment & electrical insulation for olfactory nerves supporting cells
provide sense of taste gustatory cells
which of the following nerves serves in a gustatory function Vagus
which is not considered an accessory to the eye retina eyebrow
how may extrinsie eye muscles responsible for moving the eye 6
this is the transparent coat that covers the iris cornea
the main function of this structure is to regulate the amount of light entering the eyeball through the pupil iris
this lies between the lens and the retina victreous chanbers
which of the following receptors is primarily used during light striations cones
which below structures converts vibration to action potential organ of corti
which of the below structures senses dynamic equilibrium sevicicluar canals
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