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U1 Jeopardy Quiz III

Soil and Vegetation

All the surrounding conditions and infuences that affect the development of a living thing environment
Careful saving and protection of something, such as natural resources conservation
A small area in a desert region that has water and fertile soil oasis
Condition of recieving little rain because of being on the protected side of high mountains rain shadow
The study of the relationships among living things and their surroundings ecology
The science that deals with the esrth's crust, the layers of which it is composed, and their history geology
Decayed organic plant material humus
Permanently frozen soil permafrost
Pertaining to soil well suited for growing crops arable
Relating to soil formed from the material gradually deposited by flowing water,such as clay, silt, or sand alluvial
Fine earth materials deposited by running water or wind silt
Rich fertile earth in which decaying leaves and silt are mixed with clay and sand loam
The natural vegatation equatorial areas having a constant heavy rainfall rainforest
An area of sparce precipitation whose vegatation is limited to scrub, cactus, and grasses desert
An area where cool summer temperatures and light precipitation can only support nosses, lichens, and grass tundra
A tropical land with tall grasses and scattered trees that have wet summers and dry winters savannah
A dry, level, short-grass region in the midlatitudes steppe
A needle-leaf forrest of the dry subartic regions taiga
a gradual wearing away by glaciers, temperature changes, running water, waves, ice, and wind erosion
Desolving of soil minerals by rain water that carries them down beneath the root zone leaching
Adding natural or chemical nutrients to the soil to make it more productive fertilizing
Supplying dry land with water in order to make it produce crops irrigation
Level land built up by deposits from a river that overruns its banks floodplain
The breakdown of surface rocks by physical or chemical forces weathering
The period from the last frost in spring to the first frost in fall during which crops can be raised growing season
The boundary north of or above which trees can not grow tree (or timber) line
Pertaining to trees or plants that remain green the year-round evergreen
Pertaining to trees or plants that shed their leaves during one season of the year deciduous
Temporarily inactive dormant
Stunted trees and bushes growing in poor soil or in semiarid regions scrub
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