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IOS 10 Exam 2

Tetracyclines & Glycyclines

MOA of tetracycline Bacteriostatic- Bind 30S ribsosomal subunit to aminoacyl transfer RNA to inhibit elongation
MOA of glycycline Bind 30S subunit of ribosome and inhibit elongation
Resistance of tetracycline- Considered constitutive, but can be plasmid mediated- penetration of porin, or efflux proteins
Resistance of glycylcylines Ribosomal modification and active drug efflux
Gram + aerobe activity of Tetracycline Intrinsic activity, strep, staph, MRSA, VRE (minocycline best against MRSA)
Gram -aerobe activity of tetracycline Active but limited by PK
Anaerobic activity of tetracyclines Active but limited by resistance
Atypical activity of tetracyclines Good activity especially chlamydia
Other activity of tetracyclines H.pylori, rickettsial (rocky mountain spotted, lyme dx)
Tetracycline ADME Good oral bio,ALTERED BY FOOD, AL< MG, CA, Dairy, HUGE VD, all tissue less CNS penetration, no metabnolism, and up to 70 renal
Tetracycline SE Deposition in teeth and bone, hepatotoxic (pregnant), GI discomfort, CNS, Superinfection with Candida, and resistant stap, Thrombophlebitis, phototoxcity with demeclocycline
Tetracycline DI Drugs containing di and tri-valent cations(2-3 hours before or 2 after), warfarin, OC
Gram + activity of Glycycline Highly active against MRSA, S epi, most strep, enterococci (and VRE)
Gram - aerobes activity of glycyclines Excellent activity Enterobacteriae, citobacter, acinobacter, strenotrophomonas, poor pseudomonas activity
Anaerobes activity of glycyclines Excellent-Bacteroides fragilis, Bacteroides group, Fusobaterum, Clostridium, Peptostreptococcus
Glycycycline ADME Poor absorption, HUGE VD t 1/2 42 hrs, Elimination- 40% renal 60% fecal
Created by: liza001