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WCC Com. Breed terms

WCC common breed terminlogy

Breed commonBreed technical
Sheep ovine
Intact male sheep ram
Intact female sheep ewe
Castrated male sheep wether
Young sheep lamb
lambing giving birth to sheep
flock group of sheep
goats caprine
intact male goat buck
intact female goat doe
castrated male goat wether
young goat kid
giving birth - goats kidding
group of goats herd
llamas camelid
intact male llama bull
intact female llama cow
castrated male llama gelding
young llama cria
guinea pig cavy
intact male guinea pig boar
intact female guinea pig sow
cattle bovine
intact male bovine bull
intact female bovine-given birth cow
male bovine castrated when young steer
male bovine castrated after maturity stag
young female bovine-not given birth heifer
young bovine calf
giving birth to calves calving
Dogs canine
intact male dog dog/stud
intact female dog bitch
young dog whelp/pup
group of dogs pack
multiple offspring born at same time litter
cats feline
intact male cat tom
intact female cat queen
young cat kitten
giving birth to kittens queening
rabbits lagomorph (family not name)
intact male rabbit buck
intact female rabbit doe
neutered male rabbit lapin
young rabbit kit
giving birth to rabbits kindling
group of rabbits herd
ferret ferret
intact male ferret hob
neutered male ferret gib
intact female ferret jill
spayed female ferret sprite
young ferret kit
giving birth to ferrets kindling
parrots psittancine
intact male parrot cock
intact female parrot hen
young parrot chick
mice and rats murine
intact male mouse or rat sire/male
intact female mouse or rat dam/female
intact male pig boar
intact female pig sow
male pig castrated when young barrow
male pig castrated after maturity stag
young female pig that has not farrowed gilt
young pig pig/shoat
giving birth to pigs farrowing
group of pigs herd
horses, ponies, donkeys, mules equine
intact male equine > 4 stallion
intact male equine < 4 colt
intact female equine > 4 mare
intact female equine < 4 filly
castrated male equine gelding
young equine foal
giving birth to foals foaling
group of equine herd
intact male donkey jack/jackass
intact female donkey jenny
donkey ass/burro
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