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1-50 lexicon words

101 lexicon cards

vocab. worddefinition
aloof apart from others
antiquated too old to be useful; outdated
rectify to correct or fix; to make right
surpass to go beyond expectations
verbose very talkative
advocate one who supports speaks on behalf
animosity feeling of resentment or hate
destitute poor; lacking a home or possessions
doleful extremely sad
gregarious friendly; enjoys being around people
astute wise; insightfully clever
baleful harmful
capitulate yield or give in pressure
cordail friendly; welcoming
delilitate to weaken
admonish to warn or scold
altruistic unselfish; caring
bumptious boastful; thinking highly os oneself
fastidoius difficult to please; picky; choosy
garish flashy; tacky
accolade an award or praise
adversary opponent; enemy
flucuate swing; to go up & down
garrulous very talkative
grandiose magnificent in a "show off" way
brevity breifness; very short
harbor to provide shelter or refuge
impede get in the way; hinder
imminent about to take place; happening soon
satire using irony and humor to make fun of things
loquacious very talkative
nebulous unclear
stupefy to cause confusion
ubiquitous existing everywhere
undulate move in a wavy, rolling manner
integrity solid construction or morality
malice a desire to cause harm or suffering
misconstrue misunderstand
stalwart strong;unwavering
submissive giving in; not resisting
apprehension fearing something bad will happen
cajole fool with flattery or false promises
candor honesty; frankness
document provide evidence; back up with facts
incessant continuous; endless
imperialistic taking over or controlling others
neophyte beginner
notoriety fame uaually by doing something bad
vagrant homeless person; wnader
xenoophobia fear or hatred of anything foreign
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