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WCC Body Parts

WCC Latin Terms

English termLatin term
Bone osteo,osse, ossi
Joint arthro
Cartilage chondro
muscle myo
fascia fasci, fasco
tendon teno, tendo, tendino
heart cardio
artery arterio
vein veno, phlebo
blood hemo, hemato
lymph vessels lympho
tonsils tonsillo
spleen spleno
thymus thymo
nose or nares naso, rhino
pharynx pharyngo
trachea tracheo
larynx laryngo
lungs pneumo, pneumono
mouth oro, stomato
esophagus esophago
stomach gastro
small intestine entero
large intestine colo, colono
liver hepato
pancreas pancreato
kidneys reno, nephro
ureters uretero
urinary bladder cysto
urethra urethro
nerves neuro, neuri
brain encephalo
spinal cord myelo
eyes opthalmo, oculo, opto, opti
sight optico
ears oto, auri, auro
skin dermato, dermo, cutaneo
adrenals adreno
gonads gonado
pineal pinealo
pituitary pituito
thyroid thyroido
testes orcho, orchio, orchido, testiculo
ovaries ovario, oophoro
uterus hystero, metro, metri, metrio, utero
eyelid, eyelash blephar/o
tooth, toothlike dent/i, dent/o
tongue lingu/o
nails onych/o
mouth or/o
rib cost/o
breast mast/o
nose nas/o
glands aden/o
heart cardi/o
neck cervic/o
lip labi/o
breast mamm/a
resembles hair pil/o
foot pod/o
edge of eye or instep of foot tars/o
cord (ex: spinal) chord/o
duodeneum or small intestine duoden/o
fibers fibr/o
womb or uterus hyster/o
lieum (small intestine) ile/o
illiac (pelvis) ili/o
jejunum jejun/o
larynx laryng/o
lymph lymph/o
womb or uterus metr/a metr/o
palate palat/o
pleura (rib) pleur/o
lungs pulm/o
renal pelvis pyel/o
rectum rect/o
spleen splen/o
spine spondyl/o
tendons tend/o
thymus gland thym/o
thyroid thyr/o
ureter (tube from kidney to bladder) ureter/o
vein ven/e, i, o
bladder vesic/o
internal organs vescer/o
hearing audi/o
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