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Carlton Adler Ch 39

patient considerations in mobile radiography communication, manipulating equipment, positioning and pathology
what to watch out for with mobile radiography equipment power supplies, oxygen tubing, IV lines, catheters
who's responsibility is it to return all items to their original locations? radiographer
what is optimal position for mobile chest? erect or semi erect whenever possible
how many lead aprons should you carry? 2- one for radiographer, one for pt.
what is minimum distance radiographer should be from mobile machine for mobile radiography? 6' or more
what kind of output does a battery operated unit generator have? 3 phase
advantages of capacitor discharge system lighter, smaller, easier to move, no charging
disadvantage of capacitor discharge system kVp drops during exposure
what kind of battery is used in battery operated unit? nickle cadmium battery
how many batteries does battery operated unit have? 2, one for motor, one for tube
how many exposures is a fully charged portable unit usually good for? 10-15 exposures with a reasonable distance
advantages of battery operated unit? cordless, constant kVp and mAs
what should be recorded on all portable films? pt marker, pt. position, technical factors, SID
when demonstrating air fluid levels portable, how many films may be necessary 2, one normal, one for fluid levels
what is minimum SSD in mobile? 12"
what kind of PPE is required for secretion gloves only
what kind of PPE is required for strict isolation mask, gown, gloves
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