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Economics, Part 2

economic indicators factors that determine if a country is developed or developing
literacy being able to read and write
illiteracy not being able to read and write
life expectancy average life span for a female or male
urban living inside the city limits, city
rural living outside the city limits, country
populaton number of people in the area being studied
agriculture farming and livestock
labor force people that work
subsistence farming grow enough food for personal/family use
commercial farming grow or produce enough food to sell for a profit
profit the amount of money in excess, the amount of money above the cost of production
% of popluation under age 15 the number of children in the country
gross domestic product (GDP) total amount of money produced by a nation in one year
GDP per capita total amount of money earned by a person in one year, income
technology skills and tools
What would help life expectancy? medical attention, medicines
What is the percent of urban population to be considered developed? over 70%
What should the popluations of children under the age of 15 years be, if the country is considered developed? under 20%
What is the percentage of people that are literate, if the country is considered developed? over 90%
What is life expectancy of a country that is developed? over 70 years old
What is the per capita GDP for a developed country? over $14,000
What is the labor force in agriculture if the country is considered to be developed? less that 5%
Developed or developing: Japan developed
Developed or developing: United States developed
Developed or developing: Africa developing
Developed or developing: Latin America developing
Developed or developing: Canada developing
Developed or developing: most of Asia developing
Developed or developing: most European nations developed
Developed or developing: sell extra goods to other countries developed
Developed or developing: commercial farming developed
Developed or developing:subsistence farming developing
Developed or developing:problems with disease, poor education, changing governments developing
Developed or developing:problems are pollution, dependence on others, shortages developed
Developed or developing: most people live in urban areas developed
Developed or developing: most people work in industries and businesses developed
Developed or developing: low literacy rate developing
Developed or developing:life expectancy is high developed
Developed or developing:more than 1/4 of the world's population developed
Developed or developing: nomadic herding (moving with animals), gathering food developing
arable land that is suitable for farming
Created by: jennifersarria
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