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Art 1001

Exam 2

Duccio's Maesta in Siena 1308-1311
Italo-Byzantine Style gold,tooled background maniera greca
Doccio's Maesta in Siena is what tradition? Italo-Byzantine
Giotto's Arena Chapel and Lamentation 1305-1306
Lorenzetti's Peaceful city 1338-1339
Simone Martini's Annunciation 1333
Proto-Renaissance 13th-14th centuries
Middle ages 40-1400 (1000 years)
rinascita dell' antichita "rebirth of antiquity"
classical antiquity 600 B.C. - 400 A.D. (1000 years)
Renaissance begins 1400
Ghiberti 1401- 1402
Nanni de Banco 1408-1414
Massacio 1425,1427, 1428
chiaroscuro refers to contrasts of light and dark tones in paintings
Brunelleschi 1420-1436
Fra Angelico 1440-1445
Michelozzo di Bartolommeo 1445
Verrocchio 1465-1470
Mantegna 1474 Camera degli sposi(Room for newlyweds)
Mantegna 1501 Dead Christ
Perugino 1481-1483
Fabriano 1423
Castagno 1447
Siena italian city state
foreshortening adding depth through visual contraction
di sotto in su looking from below upwards
Van Eyck 1432,1433,1434
Bosch 1505-1510
Campin 1425-1428
Van der Weyden 1435
Michelangelo 1546 - 1564 Saint Peter's
Van der Goes 1476
Giorgione 1508
Titian 1522-1523, 1538
Bramante 1502
Pontormo 1525-1528
Parmigianino 1535
Romano 1525- 1535
Late Renaissance- Mannerism 1520-1600
Early Renaissance 15th century
High Renaissance early 16th century
Enlightenment 18th century
Age of Baroque Thirty years way (1618-1648)
Veronese 1573,1585
Michelangelo-1501- 1504 David
Michelangelo 1508-1512 Ceiling of Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo 1534-1541 Last Judgement
Botticelli 1482
Leonardo Da Vinci 1495-1498 Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci 1503-1505 Mona Lisa
Raphael 1504, 1509-1511
Bellini 1505
Durer 1526
Massys 1514
Bruegel the Elder 1559,1565
Created by: sgaut12
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