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Unit 5 Term

Desktop Publishing I Unit 5 Terms

Alley the space between columns
Business card small publication (3 1/2 x 2 inches) containing information such as name, title, business, address, phone numbers, logo
Brochure a booklet or pamphlet that contains descriptive information or advertising
Byline the credit line for the author of an article
clip art ready-made pieces of printed or computerized graphic art
Column a vertical section of text
Continuation line restates the original headline to simplify the process of finding an article that has been continued from a previous page
Gutter the interior space between margins of two facing pages, sometimes used to describe the space beween columns
Headline large type running above or beside a story to summarize its content; also called a head, for short
Jump line type that tells the reader that a story is continued from another page
Letterhead the area on a sheet of stationery where the name, address and other information is printed
Masthead often located on the first inside page of the editorial page of a publication, contains information such as publisher, staff and contact information
Nameplate the section on a newsletter that contains the publication name, date, volume number and logo; generally located at the top of the opening page
Newsletter a printed report or letter containing news of interest to a particular group
Pull quote a small amount of text taken from an article that is enlarged and often set off with rules, white space and quotation marks
Tombstoning stacking two headlines side by side so that they collide with each other
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