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PS Qtr 1 Test Review

Questions and answers from Chapters 1-4

Objects that float on water must have a density of: Less than 1 g/cm3
A graduated cylinder is used to measure: volume in milliliters
What is the process of liquid on the surface changing to a gas? evaporation
What is the formula for density? D = M / V
An observation or measurement of an object. Physical property
How does temperature affect solubility of a solid in a liquid? A solid solute usually becomes more soluble as the temperature of the liquid solvent increases.
The force of attraction between objects Gravity
Is mowing the lawn an example of a physical or a chemical change? Physical change
What properties are being described about this candle- waxy blue color and no odor? Physical properties
The properties that describe how a substance changes into other substances are called Chemical properties
The triple beam balance is used to measure mass in grams
The state of matter with no definite shape or volume is gas
A logical explanation for events that occur in nature is known as a theory
The smallest particle of an element is an atom
The substance that does the dissolving is called a solvent
The substances that gets dissolved is the solute
The basic unit of length is the meter
An example of a a homogenous mixture is saltwater solution
An object's resistance to change in motion that is directly related to an object's mass is known as an object's inertia
How do the particles inside a solid move? Vibrate in place
The units of mass are grams
A substance that contains only one kind of atom is called an element.
What is the density of a substance with mass of 300g and volume of 150 mL? 300g/ 150 mL = 2 g/mL
Which of the following is NOT matter: air oxygen water electricity electricity is not matter. It is is energy!.
A solid solution that is a mixture of two metals is called an alloy.
What is the density of water? 1 g/mL
A regular repeating arrangement of particles is called a Crystalline solid
When substances go directly from the solid phase to the gas phase the phase change is called sublimation
What is an atom? The basic unit of all matter
Atom is to element as molecule is to compound.
The smallest part of a compound is a molecule.
A new substance is formed as a result of a chemical change.
The change of a liquid to a solid is called freezing.
Scientists test their hypothesis in which step of the scientific process? experiment
Which of these can be broken down into simpler substances by chemical but not physical means: mixture solid element or compound compound.
Solids that lose their shape under certain conditions are amorphous.
The change of a substance from a gas to a liquid is called condensation.
Why is a variable placed in an experiment? To determine how one factor can affect something.
The amount of matter in an object is Mass.
A substance that dissolves in water is considered soluble.
The units used to measure density are grams per milliliter or grams per cubic centimeter
Burning a piece of paper is an example of a chemical change.
A liter of water contains how many milliliters 1000mL.
When measuring the temperature of water you can expect to report your answer in degrees
What happens when salt is dissolved in water? Particles separate into their molecules and disperse throughout.
The metric prex milli- means one thousandth of a base unit.
Which of these is not truly a pure substance: element atom mixture molecule mixture.
When particles in a closed container are heated they move faster and farther apart.
The amount of space an object takes up is Volume.
Created by: tguthrie