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PSYCH 100 Lecture 6


Define Language Largely arbitrary system of communication that combines symbols (such as words or gestural signs) in rule-based ways to create meaning
4 Levels of Language- Define Phonemes Categories of sounds our vocal apparatus produces
4 Levels of Language- Define Morphemes Smallest meaningful units of speech
4 Levels of Language- Define Syntax Grammatical rules that govern how words are composed into meaningful strings
4 Levels of Language-Syntax- Define Dialects language variations used by groups of people who share geographic proximity or ethnic background
4 Levels of Language- Define Extralinguistic Information Elements of communication that aren't part of the content of language but are critical to interpreting its meaning
Food By Analogy- Explain the meaning of the 4 Levels (1) Phonemes=Ingredients, (2) Morphemes=Food, (3) Syntax=Menu/Courses, (4) Extralinguistic Info=Dining Experience
Arbitrariness & Exceptions-Define Phonesthemes Groups of words that start with the same sound in a non-random way
Kid Speak- Define Holophrases One word takes the place of many (ex. "Doggie!"=There is a dog!
Theories of Language Development- Define Imitation Account Babies learn by hearing people speak
Theories of Language Development- Define Nativist Account Children are born knowing how language works
Theories of Language Development- Define Social Pragmatics Account Children use context to infer topic of conversation, word meaning
Theories of Language Development- Define General Cognitive Processing Account Language isn't special; just one of many many things babies develop as the brain develops
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