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Abdomen and Chest

How do you position for a PA projection of the chest? Center midsagittal. Pt chin up, have pt place their hands on their hip and roll their shoulders forward.
What is the height of the IR on a chest x-ray. 1 1/2-2 in above the pt's shoulders
How do you tell the pt to breathe for a chest x-ray. Take x-ray on second full inspirtation
What are the eval. criteria on a Chest x-ray Trachea visible in the midline Scapulae projected outside lung field Ten posterior ribs above diaphragm. Sharp outlines of heart and diaphragm. Faint shadow of ribs and thoracic vertebrae visible through the heart shadow. Lung markings visible
Why would you use a lt lat chest? Show heart and lung
Why would you use a rt lat chest x-ray to show rt lung
How do you position for a lateral chest x-ray? Body's midsag. plane parallel to the IR. Center thorax to the center of the IR. Pt's arms up and out of the way
Where is the centeral ray on a chest x-ray> T7
Eval criteria for lat chest? Superimposed ribs post to vertebral column Arms or soft tissue out of lung field Lat. sternum with no rotation Costalphrenic angle to lower apices Penetrate lung and heart Open thoracic intervertebral spaces Sharp outline of heart and diaphragm
How do you position a pt for a Pa oblique chest Pt turn 45 degrees to the right (RPO) or left (LPO).
What is the side of interest on a PA oblique chest? the side farther away from the IR
How do you position for an LAO chest Rotate 45 degrees to place lt shoulder in contact. Right arm out of the way Lt hand on hip with palm outward
For a cardiac series, how much do you rotate the pt? 55- 60 degrees
What is the breathing instructions on an PA oblique? Exposure after 2nd full inspirtaion
How do you position a pt for an RAO chest? 45 degree rotated, Rt shoulder against the IR Lt arm out of the way Rt hand on hip with palm outward
Where is the central ray on an LAO or RAO? T7, perp to center of the IR
Structures shown on an LAO chest? Max area of rt lung (side farthest from IR) demonstrated along the thoractic visera. Anterior portion of the le lung is superimposed by the spine. Trachea and the carina and the entire rt branch of bronchi Heart and decending aorta and aortic arch
What structures are shown on an RAO chest? Max area of Lt lung (side farther from IR) along thoracic visera Anterior portion of the Rt lung superimposed by spine Trachea and entire lt branch of bronchial tree This position shows the Lt atrium, anterior portion of apex of lt ventricle
Evalutaion criteria for PA oblique chest Both lungs in their entirety Thrachea fill with air Visible markers Heart and mediastinum within the lung field Max area of the rt lung on LAO Max area of the Lt lung on RAO
How do you position for an AP oblique chest? Rotate pt towards correct side 45 degrees Flex pt elbows and place hands on hips to rotate shoulders.
Where is the CR on ap oblique chests> Perp to center of the IR 3 in below jugular notch
What is the evaluation for an AP oblique chest? Both lungs Trachea filled with air Markers lung field and mediatinal structures Max area of lt lung on LPO Max area of rt lung on RAO
How do you position for an AP chest? Center the midsag plane of chest to IR Get scapulae out of the way.
Where is the CR on an AP chest? 3 in below jugular notch
Eval. criteria for an AP chest Medial portion of clavicals = form vertebral column Trachea visible midline Clavical lying more horizontal and obsuring more of the apices Vertebral column = distance to lat border of ribs Faint image of ribs and vertebrae through heart Entire lung f
What is the positioning for an AP axial (Lordotic)chest PT leaning back on IR. CR 3 in above shoulders perp to center of the IR
Avaluation criteria for AP axial chest Clavicles lying superior to apices sternal ends of clavicle = from vertebral column Clavicle horizontal with med ends overlapping the 1st or 2nd rib Ribs distorted with ant and post protions somewhat superimposed
How is the Pt positioned for a AP or PA Decub chest? If pt is on affected side, elevate body 2-3 im Extend arms well above head and place thorax in true lat Place ant or post surface against grid Ir 1 1/2-2 in above shoulders
Where is the CR on a Rt or Lt decub? Horizontal and perp to @ 3 in below jugular notch or at T7
Eval criteria for chest decub? No rotation Affected side in it's entirety Apices Proper identification of decub
What is the postion for Lat (dorsal/ventral) decub Body in a true prone of supine psoiton Place affected side against grid.
Where is the CR on dorsal/ventral decub? Horizontal and centered to IR. Cr at T7 or 3 in below jugluar notch
Eval. crtieria for ventral/dorsal decub entire lung fields no rotation of thorax upper lung field not obscured by arms proper markers T7 centered to IR
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