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Religion in China:)

Diverse Beliefs and many religious influences..learn why some were more popular.

What caused the Han Dynasty to fall? Wang Mang was appointed from a different area...he was a bad leader(loss of food and bad economy). Civil war and chaos put an end to it.
What religion had the greatest impact on China? Buddhism
What are the two forms of Buddhism? Mahayana & Chan
Why did Mahayana appeal to many people? emphasis on a peaceful and quiet existence, a life apart from worldly values
Why did Chan(or Zen) appeal to many people? emphasis on meditation and appreciation of beauty
Who reacted strongly to the spread of Buddhism? Confucians & Daoists
Why did they react strongly to the spread of Buddhism? saw Buddhism as a drain on treasury and labor pool *Buddhists only had what they needed*
What destroyed many monasteries and reduced the influence of Buddhism? a wave of persecutions
When did China turn away from the ideas of the Buddhists? (And during this time period ideas about Confucian philosophy formed) T'ang and early Song
Created by: flowereds