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McCormack - Energy

The ability to cause change or do work Energy
Physics is the study of the interaction of energy and __________ Matter
The radiant form of energy that travels in waves through space. Electro Manetic
The form of energy in moving objects. Mechanical
A form of energy that is stored in the nucleus of atoms. Nuclear
The flow of electrons through a conductor. Electrical
A form of energy stored in the bonds holding atoms together. Chemical
A form of energy associated with heat. Thermal
Total Mechanical Energy is equal to PE + KE
ME = PE + KE, If PE increases then KE will? Decrease
ME = PE + KE, If KE increase then PE will? Decrease
Potential Energy is directly related to? mass , gravity & height
Kinetic Energy is directly related to? mass & velocity (speed)
Stored energy is Potential Energy
Moving energy is Kinetic Energy
Acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s^2
The formula for work is Work = Force (F) x Distance (D)
Work & Energy are both measured in Joules (J)
What variable, mass or velocity, has a bigger impact on Kinetic Energy & why. Velocity because it is squared (v^2)
In a pendulum, the maximum KE is at the ___ (top or bottom)of the swing? Bottom of the swing
In a pendulum, the maximum PE is at the ___ (top or bottom) of the swing? Top of the swing
A bowling ball & soccer ball are dropped at the same heigth. Which will hit first? They both hit at the same time
The transformation of energy in a light bulb is _________ to ____________ Electric to Electro Magnetic (light)
The transformation of energy from the sun to the apple is _____ to _____ to _______ Nuclear to Electro Magnetic to Chemical
The transformation of energy in a curling iron is ___________ to ____________ Electric to Thermal
A gas engine starts with ___________ and ends with _____________ energy. Chemical & Mechanical
Some forms of energy that are wasted in a gas engine are ________& ________ Thermal & Sound,
The efficiency of a gas engine is about? 30%
Friction always creates a loss of energy in the form of ______________ ________________. Thermal Energy
Energy is never destroyed, but can be ___________ from one form to another. Transformed
Can you have gravitional potiential engery?_____? Why? No, because there is no gravity
An object traveling in space will not stop on its own since there is not _________ in space. Friction
What is the KE of an object at rest? None since velocity is zero
How can a small object like a bullet have so much energy? Velocity is high
As a pendulum moves from the top of the swing to the bottom,PE is ______ while KE is ______ decreasing, Increasing
If PE is decreasing and KE is increasing this relationship is considered (Direct/Indirect)? Indirect
As a pendulum moves back and forth, some energy is lost due to _____________. Friction
Can energy be destroyed during a nuclear explosion? No, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, But can be converted into energy.
At what degree is melting point and freezing point of water? 0 degrees C.
At what degree is boiling point and condensing point of water? 100 degrees C.
Can energy be created or destroyed? No
Created by: fmccormack