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MCRT Sciences

MCRT Physics sec. 4 & 5

Describe Hooke's law an elastic body will stretch equally for each unit of force (weight) applied, up to the elastic limit, beyond which causes permanent distortion.
Define compliance the ease in which the lungs distend.
The reciprocal of compliance is: elastance
Formula used to calculate lung compliance: change in vol / change in pressure ml/cmH2O
normal compliance: 100 ml/cmH2O
Describe a time constant the time required to fill the lungs to 63% capacity
formula to calculate time constant lung compliance x Raw
Describe LaPlace's law the inflation pressure is inversely related to the radius and directly related to the surface tension at the air-liquid interface
define surface tension then tension found at the surface of a liquid created by the cohesive forces inside the liquid
cohesive attraction between like molecules
How is the premature lung affected by LaPlace's law? The lungs have minimal surfactant production resulting in high surface tension making it hard to expand them.
Define hydrostatic pressure pressure created by a column of liquid and is depends on the density and height of the liquid.
Define osmotic pressure pressure created by osmosis
Define osmosis movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane from an solution of lower concentration to a solution of higher concentration
List the 4 pressures that influence the movement of fluid into and out of the capillary. capillary hydrostatic, capillary osmotic pressure, interstitial hydrostatic pressure, interstitial osmotic pressure
define diffusion passive movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
describe a semipermeable membrane a membrane that only allows solvents to pass through it
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