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Chapter 7 Test Prep

White Module "Anatomy and Physiology of the Body Systems"

What is the Integumentary System mainly Comprised of? Skin
What are the three layers of our Skin? Epidermis, Dermis, and Subcutaneous layer.
Name the accesories of the Skin. Hair and Nails.
The __________ is the outer most layer of our skin. Epidermis.
The ___________ Layer of our skin is composed mainly of Adipose. Dermis.
The third layer of the skin is ____________. Subcutaneous Layer
What are the two types of glands found in our skin Sudoriferous Glands and Sebaceous Glands.
Our sweat glands are called___________. Subaceous Glands.
Our oil Glands are called____________. Sebateous Glands.
What is the fatty tissue in our skin called? Adipose.
Where would you find the Apocrine Sweat glands? Axillary area
What is an Eccrine Gland? A Sudoriferous gland that is found throughout the body, and secretes through the pores of our skin.
The glands that produce Milk in Women? Mammary Glands
The Glands that secrete Ceremen are found in the_________. Ears.
Apocrine Sweat glands secrete through ________. Hair Follicles
The Ciliary glands are found at the edge of our __________. Eyelids.
The "True Skin". Dermis
A protein which serves to thicken and protect our skin. Keratin
Exfoiliation is the process of shedding______ _____ ______. Dead skin cells
________ can be seen on the surface of thick skin, such as the tips of fingers and toes. Dermal Papillae
Babies are born with a covering produced by Sebateous Glands, that resembles Cottage Cheese, What is this called? Vernix Caseosa
Hair and Nails are composed mainly of_______. Keratin
The hair is a living structure. TRUE or FALSE False
A sheath that encloses the Hair. Follicle
Shaft The portion of the hair that is visible extending from the epidermis.
Arrector pili The involuntary muscle that raises the hair and causes "GOOSEBUMPS"
Lunula The Moon-Shaped portion of the nail, found mainly on the thumbnail.
What are the Functions of the skin? Protection from infection, Protection from Dehydration, Regulation of Temperature, and collection of sensory information.
Vitamin D come from the ____________. Sunllight
Created by: SamanthaBowman2
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