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slcc rads 1030

The cathode is on the ___________ side neg
Name 2 parts of the cathode assembly filament and focusing cup
The filament is made out of_____ tungsten
Describe the focusing cup Shallow depression in the cathode designed to hold the filament
The anode is ______ positive
3 functions of the anode Target area, conduct high voltage, primary thermal conductor
Why does the anode rotate? The make a bigger target
What % of target interaction produces x-rays? less than 1%
In Bremsstrahlung interactions, what part of the atom does the incident electron interact with? Force field
In Bremsstrahlung interactions, what happens when teh incident electron gets close to the nucleus? + attracts the -. Electron slows down and brakes. The electron course is diverted. Energy lost by the braking = x-ray.
Bremsstrahlung photon energy is exactly the difference between the _____ and _______ energy of the electron. Entering and exiting
True or false- Photons from Bremsstahlung interactions can have a wide variety of energies, ranging to a minimal amount to peak KV. False
In Characteristic interactions, what part of the atom does teh incident electron interact with. inner shell electron
What happens to the incident electron after a Characteristis interaction? It knocks the inner electron shell out of orbit. Ionizes the atom . It makes the atom change course to a different direction and creates an unstable atom.
How are x-rays created during Characteristic interactions? An electron from another shell will drop into the hole. An electron from a higher to lower energy state results in energy difference between 2 shells=x-ray
Characteristic photon energyis exactly the difference between the binding energy of the ____and _______ shells between which the electron dropped outer and inner
What is the Characteristic cascade shells drop form an outer to inner shell until only the outermost shell is missing an electron
Define electrons - charge, orbits the nucleus
Define protons + charge, helps make up the nucleus
define neutrons no charge
What is the atomic # # of protons
How are elements listed on the periodic table by atomic number, ascending order
Describe an isotope lose or gain of an neutron
Define atomic mass # of protons and neutrons
Name 2 types of mechanical energy Kinetic and potential
As orbital electrons move away form the nucleus, what happens to the binding energy? Decreases and becomes unstable
Name the different forms of energy Chemical, heat, nuclear, electromagnetic,electrical, mechanical
Name the common properties of electromagnetic energy radioation broad velocity
Name the ways x-rays travel in s stright line, needs no medium
What is the wave equation? v=f x wl
List the 12 properties of x-ray Florese, highly penetrable, electrally neutral, release heat, travels in a stright line, travels at the speed of light, ionizes matter, can't be focused, photographic film, biological change, scatter, wide variety if energy and wavelengths.
Described how mAs relates to tube current and number of electrons. It measures the tube current. It's directly proportional. If you increase yours mAs, you increase the # of electrons
Define radiolgraphic density. the degree of blackening
When mAs increases, what happens to exposure? Radiogrphic density? Exposure is longer (more), it will have greater density.
When mAs is decreased, what happens to exposure? Radiographic density? Less exposure, Light density (lighter)
WHat is the reciprocity law? If ma or time is doubled, mAs is doubled
Describe penetrablility and how it relates to the energy of photons. Increase electron energy results in x-ray photon with greater penetrablility
Describe the relationship of kVp to density the more kVp the more density (darker)
Changes in kVp affect what? Contrast, quality and quantity
Effects of changes in kVp are greater in which range of kVp- high or low? low
Describe how changes in distance effect x-ray intesity and density. More intensity @ decreased distance. Inversely proportional
List the prime factors mAs, kVp and distance
What other terms are used to signify quantity in regards to x-ray photons on the useful beam? x-ray output, intensity and exposure
List the factors the directly affect x-ray quality and quantity. mAs, kVp distance and filtration
What happens to the number of electrons when mAs is doubled? Halved? electrons double
The relationship between the number of electrons when mA is doubled or halved is _____ proportional directly
X-ray quantity is primarily conrolled by____? mAs
X-ray quantity is equal to the product of ____ and ____ mA and time
Density is primarily controlled by______ mAs
The relationship between mAs and exposure is ________ proportional directly
What happens to electrons when kVp is increased? Decreased? gain more energy, lose more energy
When kVp is doubled, what happens to the quantity of the x-ray photons? more penetrating
Kvp is the primary controller of_____ contrast
What is the 15% rule. If you increase kvp 15% you decrease your mA by 1/2. If you decrease you kvp 15% you double your mA
Adjustment to kVp should only be used to control _______ contrast
Relationship of x-ray quantity to distance is known as the _________ law. Inverse square law
Density maintence formula is what type of law? Direct square law
What is teh formula for mAs? mA x time (s)
What is the formula to find mA? mAs/s
What is the formula to find time? mAs/mA
What is the inverse square law? I1/I2=(d2)2/(d1)2
What is the density maitenance formula? mAs1/mAs2=(D1)2/(D2)2
Define quantity how much x0ray is being used
Name 4 factors that DIRECTLY affect x-ray quantity (amount) kVp, filtration, distance and mAs
The factors that directly affect x-ray quality kVp and fitlraion
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