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Unit 3 Vocabulary

Sadlier Oxford Grade 4 Unit 3 Vocabulary

pleasing to the eye, mind, or senses; having the power to draw attention attractive
a) something that is carried, a load; something that is very hard to beat b) to weight down or put too heavy on a load burden
a) to agree top or approve; to give permission b) approval or permission consent
capable of being relied on; trustworthy dependable
to point to or point out; to be a sign of; to state or express briefly indicate
coming before in time or order previous
to be or become fit for something; to limit or narrow the meaning of qualify
a reply or answer; a reation to something response
worn or faded from use or wear; dressed in worn out clothes; not fair or generous shabby
a) to melt or cause to melt; to warm up gradually b)a period of weather warm enough to melt ice or snow thaw
needing or demanding immediate action or attention urgent
the quality of being stuck-up or vain; having too much pride in one's looks or abilities; a dressing table vanity
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