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Music Term

Style, Dynamic, and Misc. Terms

Singing Style Cantabile
Singing, Smooth and Flowing Cantando
With Fire and Dash Con Brio
With Motion Con Moto
Sweetly Dolce
Expressively Espressivo
Wildly, Fiercely Feroce
With Fire Fuoco
Gracefully, Elegantly Grazia, Grazioso
Smooth, Connected Legato
Light, Airy Leggiero
Marked, With Emphasis, Often Separated Marcato
March Style Marcia
Heavy, Ponderous, Firm, Vigorous Pesante
Rhythmically Ritmico
Sustained Sostenuto
Springing (Bow bounces off String) Spiccato
Very Detached, Very Separated Staccatissimo
Detached, Seperated Staccato
Stretched, Sustained, Held Back Tenuto
Calmly, Quietly Tranquillo
Increasing in Volume Crescendo
Decreasing in Volume Diminuendo
Loud Forte
Extremely Loud Fortissimo
Soft Piano
Extremely Soft Pianissimo
Sudden Emphasis Sforzando
Dying Away Smorzando
Very Assai
Less Meno
Half Mezzo
Much Molto
Movement, Motion Mosso
Not too Much Non Troppo
More Piu
Very Little Pochissimo
Little Poco
As if it were, Nearly, Almost like Quasi
Always Sempre
In a similar Manner Simile
Soft Voice Sotto Voce
Suddenly Subito
Very Tres
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