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Part 1

An abnormal decrease in the size of a muscle is Atrophy
The cell from which a muscle develops is called a(n) Osteoblast
The abbreviation for right ear is AD
An otoscope is used to Inspect the exterior ear canal
This procedure is used to puncture the chest and remove fluid Thoracentesis
laboratory tests that would be abnormal for a patient with anemia? Hematocrit and hemoglobin
Hyperparathyroidism may be treated by which medical specialist? Endocrinologist
An abnormal increase in total number of white blood cells is called Leukocytosis
The term for extremely rapid breathing is Hyperpnea
Which of the following suffixes refers to pain? A. -phagia B. -desis C. -pnea D. -algia E. -lysis -algia
A suffix used to denote a surgical repair is -plasty
A mammogram is a radiograph of the Breast
The term alopecia is synonymous with Baldness
Another term for chewing is Mastication
A nevus in the antecubital area is a Mole on the inside of the elbow
An inflammation of a joint is called Arthritis
Fat is the main component of Adipose tissue
The study of the cause of disease is referred to as Pathology
The main function of the olfactory nerve is Smelling
An oophorectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the Ovaries
The medical specialty that is involved with diseases and treatment of the male and female urinary systems is Urology
This diagnostic procedure allows for visualization of the urinary bladder. Cystoscopy
The correct medical term for hives is Urticaria
The membrane that surrounds the heart is the Pericardium
A mucous membrane does what Lines body cavities that open to the outside
The ventral region of the body is described as Anterior
The body cavity that contains the intestines is the Abdominal
Movement of a body part toward the midline of the body is Adduction
The plane that divides the body into front and back halves is Frontal
Reye's syndrome Can follow a viral illness in children
he vertebrae located in the lower back are the Lumbar
This acute infectious skin disease is caused by staphylococci Impetigo
The bone located in the posterior of the skull is the Occipital
The type of bone fracture in which the bone is bent and partially broken is a Greenstick fracture
The peripheral nervous system is composed of how many pairs of spinal nerves? 31
The pons and medulla make up the Brainstem
The failure of bone marrow to produce red blood cells results in which type of anemia? Aplastic
Protrusion of a part of the stomach through the esophageal opening in the diaphragm is a(n) Hiatal hernia
Another name for the tympanic membrane is the Eardrum
The largest artery in the body is the Aorta
The sinoatrial node Is the pacemaker of the heart
An x-ray taken to confirm a fracture of the distal forearm would include the Radius and ulna
Name four involuntary muscle actions Heartbeat Breathing Peristalsis Pupil dilation
Which of the following organs is located in the right upper quadrant? A. Liver B. Right ovary C. Appendix D. Uterus E. Stomach Liver
Which of the following nerves stimulates the diaphragm? Phrenic
An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is known as Scoliosis
The alpha cells in the pancreas are responsible for the production of Glucagon
The surgical removal of the gallbladder is a Cholecystectomy
Which of the following cranial nerves is involved in blindness? A. Abducens B. Oculomotor C. Trigeminal D. Olfactory E. Optic Optic
The number of permanent teeth is 32
Legally, a physician may refuse to accept a patient if he or she chooses
An itinerary Is a detailed outline of a trip
Professionalism may best be displayed by Staying calm when dealing with angry patients
The ability to imagine taking the place of the patient and accepting the patient's behavior is Empathy
The patient's medical record belongs to The physician
A breast mass is found in a woman whose mother and sister have died from breast cancer. She cancels her next three follow-up appointments. Which defense mechanism is she using? Denial
Personality differences are due to Age Experience Heredity Environment
Which of the following is not a characteristic desirable in a medical assistant? Impatience
following is not an example of stereotyping? Similar people have similar needs Elderly patients have hearing deficits Medicaid patients are lazy Educated patients have no fear of illness Young children react differently to stressful situations Young children react differently to stressful situations
To release medical information The patient must sign a release form
Which of the following should be reported to the health department? A. Otitis media B. Strep throat C. Influenza D. Vaginal yeast infection E. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Which of the following is an example of objective data? A. Family history B. Vital signs C. Past surgical history D. Last menstrual period (LMP) E. Insurance information Vital signs
Which of the following telephone calls should be given immediately to the physician? Another physician
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the need to be loved and free from loneliness is a A. Physiologic need B. Safety need C. Social need D. Self-esteem need E. Self-actualization need Social need
If a patient refuses to consent to treatment, the medical assistant should Delay treatment and inform or consult with the physician
An enforceable contract contains An offer An acceptance A consideration A capacity
The opposite of anterior is Posterior
Informed consent includes which of the following elements? Benefits and risks of the treatment Purpose of treatment Nature of the patient’s condition Assessment of the patient’s understanding of the treatment
All of the following are reasons for revoking a physi-cian's license except A. Mental incapacity B. Physical incapacity C. Conviction of a crime D. Unprofessional conduct E. Providing atypical care Providing atypical care
The control center of a cell is Nucleus
Subcutaneous tissue Is found under the skin Contains fat Is an injection site Connects the dermis to the muscle surface
Which of the following is not a bone of the lower extremity? A. Femur B. Humerus C. Tibia D. Fibula E. Metatarsals Humerus
The muscle in the upper extremity that is used as an injection site is the Deltoid
The pacemaker of the heart is the Sinoatrial node
Gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the Alveoli
The liver does what? Makes bile Detoxifies harmful substances Produces heparin Stores glycogen
The fertilized ovum implants into the Endometrium
In the male, testosterone is produced in the Testes
The largest portion of the brain is the Cerebrum
There are how many pairs of spinal nerves. 31
Gustatory receptors are located in the Mouth
Insulin Decreases blood sugar levels
A decrease in the total number of white blood cells is called Leukopenia
The abbreviation meaning immediately is stat
The physician is legally obligated to report Deaths Births Communicable diseases Abuse
The prefix brady-denotes Slow
The opposite of superficial is Deep
An authorization in advance to withdraw artificial life support is An advanced directive
Unconsciously avoiding the reality of an unpleasant event is Denial
"Tell me more about it" is an example of An open-ended statement
The study of the cause of disease is Etiology
Nonverbal communication may be conveyed by Touch Eye contact Body position Silence
Bulimia is An eating disorder
A cerebral vascular accident can also be called a(n) Stroke
Rubeola is Measles
Rubeola is Measles
A sexually transmitted disease caused by a protozoal infestation is Trichomoniasis
An electrolyte that has an important influence on the activity of the heart muscle is Potassium
Which of the following respiratory disorders is characterized by a loss of lung capacity? Emphysema
The type of membrane that lines cavities of the body that open to the outside is Mucous
Another name for an open fracture Compound fracture
The foundation of a word is known as the root
The combining vowel connects the root to the _____ or to another root. suffix
Medical terms always have all of the following except a prefix
A _____ is attached to the beginning of a word root to modify its meaning. prefix
Most often the combining vowel is the letter _____. o
The combining vowel is usually dropped when the suffix begins with _____. a vowel
The combining form bi/o means: life
The combining form derm/o means: skin
The combining form hepat/o means: liver
A person with cephalalgia has: pain in the head.
In the term autopsy, the suffix ____ means ____. -opsy, process of viewing
A patient who has an inflammation of the joints has: arthritis
In the term electroencephalogram, the suffix is ____, which means____. -gram, record
A resection of the kidney is a: nephrectomy
patient with an erythrocyte disorder would probably see a specialist in: hematology
____ means pertaining to the heart; its word root is _____. Cardiac, cardi
____ means pertaining to above the stomach; its word root is _____. Epigastric, gastr
Process of study of the stomach and intestines is called: gastroenterology
The process of examining the urinary bladder is called: cystoscopy
The process of removing living tissue and viewing it (under a microscope) is a(n): biopsy
Patients who have a cerebrovascular accident have injury to the blood vessels of the _____. brain
A patient who has hepatitis has a disorder of his/her: liver
A cell that helps clot blood is called a ____. thrombocyte
A prefix that means outside of or outward: exo-
A suffix that means disease (of a body part) is: -pathy
____ arthritis is a degeneration of bones and joints that occurs as the body ages and is often accompanied by inflammation. The word part you choose is a ____. Osteo, combining form
____ hepatic means pertaining to under the liver. The word part you choose is a ____. Sub-, prefix
____ pathy means disease of the intestines. The word part you choose is a ____. Entero, combining form
___ al means pertaining to the kidneys. The word part you choose is a _____. Ren, word root
A tumor of the liver is called a(n): hepatoma
Which of the following prefixes is used with dermic to mean pertaining to below the skin? hypo-
what type of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff, materials, and facilities? grouping
What piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician's mail? Envelope marked Personal
Open punctuation is characterized by Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
The federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is Medicaid
The process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is Posting
A numeric filing system requires the use of An alphabetical cross-reference
The file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
third-party participation in an office indicates the relationships among the Physician, patient, and insurance company
A claim may be rejected by an insurance company because of the omission of A. Complete diagnosis B. Policy number C. Patient birth date D. Itemization of charges
How much postage is required for a first-class letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounce costs $0.34 and each additional ounce is $0.25? $0.84
When the word Confidential is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placed Below the return address
The most formal of complimentary closings is Very truly yours
When making an appointment, which of the following is not needed? Insurance information
This type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneously. Conference call
This procedure protects against the loss of data. Backing up
A tickler file is Future events arranged in chronologic order
A direction to consider additional codes is See also
A V-code Refers to factors that influence health status
Mail that is opened accidentally should be Resealed with tape and noted as opened in error
Physical examination, School physical, Well-baby check-up, Preoperative physical are Evaluation and Management (E&M) descriptors
example of a third-party payor? Medicare
In the problem-oriented medical record (POMR) system, the initial database includes A numbered list of present problems
A trial balance is a comparison of Ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
When adding information to the medical record, new notes are added Newest to the front
Appointments should be scheduled In consecutive order without large gaps
Standard-size paper and envelope for business correspondence is 8½ × 11; no. 10 envelope
Patient's ledger cards should be kept In a separate ledger file
The bank statement is reconciled with The checkbook
The record of the proceedings of a meeting is the Minutes
The scheduling system based on scheduling similar appointments or procedures together is called Grouping
Appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be Information about the scope of the practice
A new employee must complete which of the following? W-4 Form
Patient information that is released without patient's authorization might result in legal charge of Invasion of privacy
A correctly addressed envelope includes Omission of all punctuation
what circumstances would waive the need for a written release of medical records? A subpoena
In double-entry bookkeeping, the original entry is put onto the Daily log
The correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is Enclosure
A superbill provides what type of claim Insurance claim
Storage, Arranging, Accessibility, Classifying is the purpose of records management
ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors that may influence the patient's health status are V-codes
The smallest piece of information that the computer can process is a(n) Bit
The index of files on a disk is the Directory
The appointment system of the office should take into account the needs of the Physician & Patients
Dear Mrs. May: is an example of Mixed punctuation
master list of equipment inventory includes Date of purchase, Cost, Estimated life of the piece and Description
An illness that existed before an insurance policy is written is known as a(n) Preexisting condition
A patient has not been seen in the office for 2 years. The patient's record would be found in the Inactive files
An important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is Patient confidentiality
The notation c: Julia Jones, MD means A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones
Under a managed care plan, the physician agrees to Accept predetermined fees
Which type of insurance organization uses the fee-for-services concept? Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
When money is placed in an account, which document is prepared? Deposit slip
The most common color-coding system color codes the Patient’s surname
Who is the legal owner of the information in a patient's medical record? The patient
When preparing the appointment matrix, the first action is to indicate Times not available
Scheduling patients with the same medical complaints on the same day is Group scheduling
A major advantage of using a computer for word processing is Extensive editing capability
A Medicare claim for a deceased beneficiary may be paid directly to the physician if The estate is billed
All checks received as payment for charges should be endorsed Immediately
Which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter? Full block style
The second page of a two-page letter contains which of the following in the heading? Name, page number, and date
The complimentary close of a letter is typed how many lines below the last line of the body? Two
A fee profile is derived from Physician charges
An E code in the ICD-9-CM coding system Refers to external causes
The universal claim form developed by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is CMS-1500
Patients who are always late or who habitually cancel appointments should be scheduled At the end of the day
An error was made in charting the patient's record. The method used to correct the error is to Draw a single line through the error, write the word error, make the correction, and date and initial the entry
SOAP is an acronym for Problem-oriented progress notes
A good telephone technique is a Low-pitched and expressive voice
If a patient's account has been turned over to a collection agency and the patient calls about the bill, the patient should be told To deal with the collection agency
he entry, editing, manipulation, and storage of text using the computer is Word processing
When a shipment of supplies is received, the supplies should be checked against the Enclosed packing slip
A credit balance on an account occurs when The patient pays in advance
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