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Speil Set #1

The first twelve brother's speils

Tyler Richard Julian Tiburon, CA 5th semester Economics Mgmt Treasurer
Kevin Timothy Brouder Mount Prospect, IL 5th Semester Mechanical Engineering CGT Historian Grand Prix Team
Matthew Lawrence Neidow Highland, IN 9th Semester Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences Psychology
Christopher Brandon Mascaro Carmel, IN 5th Semester Communication Assistent Warden
Andrew Charles Scheil Indianapolis, IN 7th Semester Economics Political Science and Philosophy Chaplain
Chris Ruff Carmel, IN 5th Semester Mechanical Engineering Vice Archon Journey of Hope 2011
William Vincent Volpe Carmel, IN 3rd Semester MET OLS Assistant Warden and Co-social
Ryan David Kilboy Columbus, OH 7th Semester Nuclear Engineering Math Warden
Michael Richard Lolkus Ft. Wayne, IN 7th Semester Math Education Archon
Daniel James Cronin West Chicago, IL 9th Semester Civil Engineering Past Archon Great Indoorsman
Nicholas Romano Lombardi The 630 "God's Country," Wheaton, IL 9th Semester Building Construction Mgmt Specialization in Electrical and Healthcare Construction Certificate of Entrepreneurship President of NECA
Jacob Reeder Crist Indianapolis, IN 7th Semester PT Secretary
Created by: 508339964
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